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August 30, 2013

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts Lucy Johns’ children have just come back from the doctors diagnosed with asthma and allergies as well as a plethora of scripts, but she really wants to look at other ways she can help. Mrs Johns decides to look at some of the options available to everyone.…
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January 14, 2013

Its Hypoallergenic

Its Hypoallergenic This Consumer Myth Can Actually Be Making You Sick... In Australia and the USA, the cosmetic industry is largely self regulated. This can mean no regulation or very minimal. Therefore, when I see the term hypoallergenic on a label, I question what it really means. As a consumer,…
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October 8, 2012

Is Your Pillow Full Of Mould?

Before you go to sleep tonight, think about the dark microbial zoo you are going to rest your head on. If you thought your bed was a pristine haven, think again. Research published last year describes how unhygienic your bed - where you spend one third of your life -…