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Our video library contains valuable tips and guides to help you get started on your healthy home journey.

Follow as we take you on your journey to a healthy home. We put our skills to the test, looking through microscopes, cover bedding, walk through tips of the seasons, wash, clean, breathe and everything in between.

Also in this section, see what we see through the heart of nature and come together in a unique way in our collection of snap shot inspiration videos and hear straight from the horses’ mouth and find out what we love about Mitey Fresh homes.

Video Resources
November 6, 2011

Healthy Flying Tips Have you ever felt sick when travelling? With the air conditioning, the plane, the foreign environment, we can absolutely understand why. We've put together a few basic tips that can help you fly as healthily as possible. Visit for more information and sign up for our regular newsletter…
Video Resources
November 20, 2010

World Clean Up Indoor Air Day Because we think that indoor air should have its own special day..... every day! Here is a little video we put together about how we need to take care of our indoor air to assist in offering our family a healthy home. What do you do to ensure you…
Video Resources
June 18, 2010

Spring Healthy Home Tips

It's like we all come out of hibernation as the air warms and the trees start to blossom, showing signs of life once more after the winter months. This is a perfect time to get ready for the the seasons ahead! Here are some top tips from the Mitey Fresh…