Avoid Dust Mites

Some interesting facts and some tips about the control and numbers of the dust mite

Researchers from Insect and Research Development, United Kingdom, discovered that leaving the doona on the bed during the day can make a big difference, because it keeps moisture in the sheets and mattress. It’s best to leave the covers off, aerating as well as drying the bed. The kids will love this one, an excuse for a messy bedroom!

The researchers also found, staying in bed longer raises the temperature of the mattress enough to make the mites uncomfortable, despite the extra moisture produced by a sleeping body. And simply raising the bedroom temperature from 16°C to 18°C can cut mite numbers by a factor of ten.

Climate change could also have an important impact. The English based team calculates that a typical London bed could have 80 times more mites by 2050 if the world’s warming increases humidity levels as predicted.

Around the corner in Spain, kids fighting over who sleeps in the top bunk may always be the winner. Tarragona University Hospital research shows that the allergy provoking dust mite allergens fall from the top mattress onto the surface of the bottom mattress. The study, 47 pairs of brothers and sisters who slept on bunks, found significantly more cases of asthma among those who slept on the bottom mattress.

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As a result of working with me, women and their families thrive, work places and their personnel prosper, mouldy and chemical / electrical sensitive occupants heal. They’re healthier, they’re alert, they’re happier, more relaxed, more productive, and enjoying life.

Together we bring about healthy indoor environments and create rooms that provide calmness, healthy sleep, relaxation and restored energy for you and your family, create workplaces that provide ideal personnel attendance and elevated productivity.

By returning indoor spaces to more natural conditions, we strengthen you and your family and your personnel’s mind, body and spirit. It’s nice that it also sustains our planet’s ecology, you’d agree.

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