How Dust Mites Will Impact Your Pillow in 5 Years

An average queen-sized mattress hosts around 2 million dust mites, feeding on your flaked skin cells, excreting 20 to 30 faecal pellets, 15 microns in size, twice their body weight, every day. A 6 year old pillow can hold up to a tenth of it’s weight in dustmite bodies and faecal matter.

Just consider, each morning you awaken to an extra 40-60 million faecal pellets in your mattress! If dust mites allergy related symptoms are affecting you, encasing mattresses, pillows and doonas may provide welcome relief.

This is the number one most important environmental dust mite control for dust mite allergic patients. Combined with dust mites mattress protectors, pillow covers are the first line of defense against dust mite allergen for allergic and asthmatic sufferers.

Dust mite mattress protectors can be custom made to provide a proper fit, avoid movement or material slipping under you whilst lying in bed. Regarding pillow and doona protectors, you buy the standard size that best fits the item you want to cover. Countries around the world will have different “standard” sizes. Here at Mitey Fresh we can custom make dust mite bedding to your measurements.


Independent Testing

It’s one thing to say your product is natural and healthy, but another to back it up with third-party independent certifications that shows how Mitey Fresh is committed to providing transparency of our products and their manufacturing processes.

To keep your mattress and pillow natural and fresh, we recommend regular airing standing up on its side. Pillows each morning and mattresses every 3 months to ensure air flow to the underside.

For mattresses and pillows containing latex, we advise keeping the latex out of the direct sunlight. This ensures a longer life span and keeps the latex materials from degrading.

For wool mattresses and pillows, and containing no latex, airing in direct sunlight will refresh and rejuvenate the wool contents.

Removable covers can be washed in cold water and line dried. For mattresses and pillows with no removable cover, any stains can be spot-treated with mild, natural solution. We advice against washing your mattresses or pillow or using sprays.

Towards healthier living Carol Parr ♥

As a result of working with me, women and their families thrive, work places and their personnel prosper, mouldy and chemical / electrical sensitive occupants heal. They’re healthier, they’re alert, they’re happier, more relaxed, more productive, and enjoying life.

Together we bring about healthy indoor environments and create rooms that provide calmness, healthy sleep, relaxation and restored energy for you and your family, create workplaces that provide ideal personnel attendance and elevated productivity.

By returning indoor spaces to more natural conditions, we strengthen you and your family and your personnel’s mind, body and spirit. It’s nice that it also sustains our planet’s ecology, you’d agree.

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