What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Your Allergies

Allergies occur in every one in five Australians.

It results, in part, from the release of irritant chemicals, such as histamine, into the body’s tissues. The result is hay fever, asthma, food allergy or hives.

What causes allergy symptoms?

Underneath the lining of the skin, gut, lungs, nose and eyes are mast cells. These are designed to kill worms and parasites. Mast cells are like land mines and contain bags filled with irritant chemicals, including histamine. When these bags of histamine are released in small amounts, they cause irritation. In larger amounts, they can cause rashes as in eczema, sneezing as in hay fever, runny nose as in rhinitis and wheezing as in asthma.

Allergic people have a greater than average tendency to produce IgE antibodies to common environmental substances such as dustmite, pet, mould, food and chemicals. This tendency is inherited. If you have one allergic parent, there is one in three chance of developing allergies yourself. If both your parents are allergic, the chances double.

The incidence of allergy has approximately doubled in the last thirty to forty years in almost every country in which it has been studied.

Don’t lose hope… what can you do about it?

The most effective method for reducing risk of illness through allergic response is to control the source of the trigger that causes the reaction.

If you have dust mites allergy, dust mite control is essential. Similarly, if you are allergic to pet hair, remove the cause, reduce the risk and the symptoms.

As part of a comprehensive allergy and asthma natural treatment strategy, dust mite bedding prevent exposure to house dust mites while your children and family sleep. Mould removal can stop coughing and provide welcome relief.

Avoid using toxic dust mite spray and use mattress cleaning professionals, Mitey Fresh, who understand dust mites and the environment they live in. Decrease humidity with a dehumidifier hire and reduce dust mites and their allergens in the home.

Cover mattresses with specifically designed and made, dust mites mattress protectors, providing welcome relief from dust mite allergy symptoms such as coughing and runny nose.

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