It’s Hypoallergenic!

The US Food and Drug Administration (2023) defines hypoallergenic cosmetics as goods whose producers maintain that they cause fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetics. Is it possible for consumers to think that these goods will be kinder to their skin than non-hypoallergenic cosmetics, both those with “normal” skin and those with hypersensitive skin?

So what does it mean when the word “hypoallergenic” appears on a label?

Basically, if you see the word Hypoallergenic on labelling, it should not affect your choice of product. Really!

The term has no meaning, it means whatever a particular company wants it to mean.

According to Wikipedia (2012), the phrase has been used since 1953 by the textile and cosmetic industries at the manufacturer’s choice. According to Katta (2008), the phrase “hypoallergenic” is not subject to any clear-cut federal regulations or definitions.

Manufacturers are not required to submit evidence supporting hypo-allergenic claims to the Federal Drug Administration USA, according to the US FDA (2000).

The phrase has no meaning; it can be interpreted in any way that a manufacturer desires.


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