What is inside a healthy home fridge?

What’s inside a healthy fridge?

You may well ask…

Usually we hear about foodies, allergy restrictions, gut promoting diets, organics or simply, healthy fresh food ready to be cooked in your kitchen.

Natural New Age Mum asked her favourite health and wellness bloggers to share what is also in their fridge. I have known about this for the past 2 weeks, yet with the fruit and vege shopping schedule ever changing, not many fruits in season, a family of one and half teenagers and a young adult, their comings and goings makes the fridge a revolving feeding door. It all disappears as quickly as it is filled. Even after this photo was taken, most of the fresh food was gone!

I replenish every week and keep all food in glass jars, sometimes a Tupperware container, nominal sort of plastic, and definitely no cling wrap or aluminium foil.

Top Shelf … Home made mint jelly by hubby, mint from the garden. Pot of lamb broth, first time ever.

On the right an assortment of condiments from Ham Jam, Gherkins, Dijon mustard, crushed garlic and ginger, capers and anchovies … I love anchovies on our homemade pizzas ♥ … as well as a trial strawberry coulis made in the thermi …

In the meat tray I usually have sliced ham which I remove immediately from the shop packaging and place into a sealed Tupperware container. At the moment there is also raw ginger for a cleansing juice and mascarpone as a trial, taste it if it is like what the Italians make.

Second shelf … Pure Life Biodynamic sprouted bread, Spiral organic coconut oil, Mayvers Tahini, Homemade salad dressing that has solidified.

Organic seven grain bread mix in a paper bag and underneath that is a refrigerator zeolite pack. I usually have it sitting in the back of the fridge to absorb moisture and odours.

Middle shelf … Home grown eggs in recycled egg cartons, with kippers on top… must eat those for lunch today as food stored in tins may leach particularly their lining.

Cooked chicken legs in a ceramic bowl ready as snacks for the kids and adults alike. Organic berry yoghurt and a cask of vino for the man.

Once a week the bottom shelf and crispers are full of fresh veges…watermelon, celery. Carrots usually fill one crisper with avocado and the other crisper is usually up to the brim in zucchini, cucumber and broccoli. Very colour co-ordinated…beans are too expensive at the moment. 😉

What’s in a healthy fridge door?

Fridge door … Top shelf …

Cheeses for the pizza … cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. Tried a cheese cloth but the kids couldn’t seem to manage it. In the other cabinet is usually home made butter.

Second shelf… probiotics try to be proactive, tartare sauce, home made tomato base in a recycled jar, fresh cream ready to be made into butter with the thermi, carnation milk for Dad’s coffee hit, maple syrup for those buckwheat pancakes on the weekend, olives and of course can’t forget the pet food.

Third shelf has the milk, soy milk, mango and apple juice, pomegranate juice and those celery sticks keeping fresh in a recycled jar.

The freezer is stocked with frozen berries, fish, chicken and lamb as well as a bag of frozen peas and corn as a stand by. I didn’t take a photo as it was iced up and time for a clean up.

From a healthy home perspective, glass, unglazed ceramics and stainless steel are the safest materials to store foods and liquids. If you wish to use plastic, avoid PVC number 3, polystyrene number 6 and polycarbonate number 7 plastics. If I can’t see a recycling symbol or number, I don’t buy at all.

Avoid cling wrap, aluminium foil or plastic of any kind when wrapping or storing meat, tomato based meals or cheese. I place left overs in ceramic bowls (unglazed) with a ceramic bowl on top. I only buy food and drinks in glass. Only tinned kippers and salmon are purchased.

I used to buy tinned tomatoes for pizza and spaghetti but found that the lining of the tins are ever changing and I can’t trust which manufacturer is doing what any more, even those certified “organic”. They are lined with an epoxy resin that leaches BPA, and how much, is the question. Prefer to use the revolving door of fresh food and thermi.

Towards healthier living Carol Parr ♥

I enjoyed doing this blog so much, reading the other bloggers stories, seeing their fridges and picked up some new ideas for our growing family. So much so I would like to put the challenge out in our next blog “What’s inside a healthy home bathroom cupboard?”

Thanks Sonia for hosting the ‘what’s in your fridge?’ blog hop. Check out by the minute questions and answers to everyday health and wellness concerns on her face book page. Great opportunity to check out some of the other health and wellness bloggers fridges!


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