Recommendation To Reduce Exposure

Indoor Environmental Exposure Control Measures

Use the right controls to eliminate or minimise exposure and protect occupants


Remove & get rid of the hazardous source completely.

Eliminating the source is the most effective way to manage exposure risks.

Where it is not practical to eliminate hazardous source,

Exposure risk must be minimised.

Use one of the following:

Engineering – change the design to minimise volume and duration

Substitute the hazardous source – replace the source with less hazardous

Isolate the hazard – separate the source from occupants

Minimise any remaining exposure risk by using administrative controls.

Administration controls instructions and signs

Eg. House keeping

If risks remain, the possible impact on people

Must be controlled using PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Eg rubber gloves, long sleeves, safety glasses, hair cover. This is the least

Effective way to manage exposure risks.

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