6 Tips for Reducing Toxins in Bedroom

If you want to reduce the presence of toxins in your home, the first place to start should be the bedroom. You will be surprised at how many potentially harmful toxins and allergens exist in your bedroom. Everything from bed linens, foam pillows, blankets, comforters, and mattress pads to the paint on the walls, the carpet, shower curtain, and bathroom doormats add to the presence of harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and allergens.

Since we spend an average of 8-10 hours a day in the bedroom, it is important to keep it as clean as possible. Here are 6 helpful tips for keeping your bedroom healthy.

1. Keep the bedroom free of dust

Dust can contain pollutants such as flame-retardants, disinfectants and pesticides. Dust also leads to presence of dust mites, which can be an allergy trigger for some people. Clean your bedroom regularly with a damp microfibre cloth. Keep the bedroom clutter-free so that it’s easier to clean.

2. Use dust-mite proof covers

Encase your pillow, mattress and duvets with dust-mite proof covers to create a barrier between you and dust mite allergens, providing continual night time protection.   Wash the dust mite proof cases regularly at 60 C to kill the dust mites and dissolve the faecal pellets.


Allerprotect Dust Mite Bed Set

Create a barrier between you and the dust mite allergens by enclosing the entire mattress, the entire pillow and the entire doona. Provides asthma and allergy relief by stopping the continual night time exposure to dust mite allergens while you sleep.

3. Use natural mattresses

A mattress containing chemicals such as polyurethane and petroleum-based polyester will add to the pollution in your bedroom. Instead, opt for natural materials such as latex, wool, and melamine. Latex mattresses are expensive but provide great cushioning experience and are much less attractive to dust mites than traditional spring styles. Also, avoid mattresses with stain and water-repellent finishes as these increase toxins in the bedroom.

4. Replace carpets and curtains

If you suffer from severe allergies, consider replacing the carpet in the bedroom with hard flooring. Instead of heavy cloth curtains use blinds as they attract less dust and are easy to clean.

5.  Consider plants

Certain plants act as natural air-purifiers. Consider these indoor plants to reduce toxins in your bedroom. Also, use an air-purifier to get rid of the indoor allergens and contaminants in your home


Find some great indoor plant options at your local garden centre- these are a selection that we recommend you look out for.

6. Maintain humidity at 40-50 percent

If the humidity is above 50 percent, use a dehumidifier to rid the air of excess moisture and keep your bedroom allergen free. Open the bedroom windows after a shower until all signs of condensation have disappeared. Avoid drying your laundry indoors as that adds to the humidity


Hire a Dehumidifier

Round the clock protection when you need it most! Reduce mould, mildew, dampness, condensation, odours. Relieve hayfever, sinus headache, influenza, sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, allergic rhinitis, asthma symptoms any time of year!

Dehumidifier 20 Litre

There are several other things as well which you can do to detoxify your home. For instance, remove shoes by the front door, and wear slippers in the house. Choose low-VOC and natural paints if you are planning to redecorate. Use vintage furniture as they emit lower toxins.

To the best extent possible keep cordless phones, cell phones, computers and televisions out of the bedroom (or as far away from the head of your bed as possible) as all of these devices emit low levels of radiation that can disrupt your sleep pattern. It is better to have a landline phone in the bedroom.

These simple tips can transform your bedroom into a safe haven and improve your well-being. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as we bring more healthy home solutions for you and your family.

Towards healthier living, Tony Parr 🙂

As Principal Consultant to Mitey Fresh since 1996, I have acquired knowledge of adverse health effects at the client’s properties and recommend effective strategies to reduce occupants’ exposure by eliminating and controlling as many sources of pollutants in order to create healthy indoor living environments that are as exposure-free and natural as practically possible.


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