2-Hour Video Call Consult ~ Unlock the door to Results!


Book your TWO-HOUR Zoom Video Call today and start your journey to a Healthy Home.

Unlock the door to Results! Your Indoor Environment Assessment to Healthy Home Session that is designed to help you CONNECT to your home, WALK and observe and sense each room via Zoom Video Call, LEARN what is toxic and what is not, UNDERSTAND what needs to be balanced, SAMPLE air and surfaces to get to see what microbiology is adversely affecting your indoor space and air, DISCUSS floorplans and DESIGNS, air and moisture pathways, GET A GOOD FEEL AND UNDERSTANDING so you and your family’s interaction to the indoor environment will finally have RESULTS! TOWARDS YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Once you have paid, you will be emailed a link to book your appointment time.



Healthy Home Indoor Environmental Consultations

Mitey Fresh offers a professional Indoor Environmental advisory consultation service via Zoom Video Call – available anywhere in Australia – via Zoom Video, Landline Call, or Face Time on Mobile.

We help you to sift through health hazards and triggers like allergens, mould, water damage, chemicals and EMFs, to get clarity about what’s toxic and what’s not so you can create a healthy and happy home for the family you love.

We do this through sustainable and effective practices that improve the built environment, pleasing to the senses and supports healthy living and nature.

Our consultation provides the ultimate service right here at your fingertips where you can connect with your Building Biologist and Healthy Home Consultant.

Our certified Building Biologist, Carol Parr, conducts all Healthy Home Consultations on line and in person. Read more about Carol Parr on our website here.

“One thing that is unique with me is that I’ll really blend the tactile, practical side with the mindset, emotional side. And it’s when these come together, that’s when you take action, that’s where the magic starts to happen!”

With a Zoom Video Call Healthy Home Consultation, you can have a face-to-face conversation with a fully qualified Building Biologist, in real time, without having to leave your place. This service has been purely created as a supplement to our traditional Indoor Environmental Assessments in person onsite at your place, in light of COVID 19 restricted travel conditions.


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