Dampp-Chaser Storage Dehumidifier

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Open your door to the world of smelling fresh with the sleek Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifier. This modest heating rod is built to fit in confined spaces and packed with features such as safety, long lasting capability, and convenient attachment brackets for placing onto skirting boards. Welcome to the stop mould Dammp Chaser range. For wardrobes, cupboards, linen closets, RV’s, boats, rental storage, basements, protecting your valuables. Warm air rises and replaces cold air creating safe, healthy, energy saving environment.

Elegantly made in the USA since 1947. It can be sitting inside the back of your wardrobe or attached to the skirting board with space for all your bags, shoes, bits and pieces!

Designed to fit a 18″ to 36″ ++ (46cm to 92cm ++) space and with humdity control for your round the clock dampness, musty smell and mould prevention. Get in touch to order now.

Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier uses mild heat to warm, dry and circulate air in your wardrobe and has long been used to create fresh, dry, confined spaces around the world for over 70 years. 

Design Details:

The main rod (goes along the floor or back part of the confined space) gently heats to about 125° F / 50° C (similar to a kitchen toaster) which will increase the temperature in the storage area by only a couple of degrees.
The electrical cord is 3m and energy consumption is very low. The unit is UL Certified for safety and meets stringent safety standards for electrical testing world wide. 
Includes mounting clips and screws. Simply set up on the floor or attach it to the skirting board / base board / wall. No special DIY skills needed!

Bit of Science:

The rod warms gentle to touch.
The warm air rises, replaces the cold air, and this balances the humidity. This steady air flow movement creates a constant circulation of air. (Dampness and mould don’t like air flow).
But wait, there is more.
The warm dry air expands and pushes cold, stale air out.
This allows for fresh air to move in and move around freely.
The air exchange removes damp, musty, mouldy smells and keeps the space clean and fresh.
And the shoes, bags, linen and valuable items … the moisture is drawn out and pushed away.

No Dampness, Mold, Musty Odours, Mildew or Rust
We are confident you will enjoy the benefits of this product long after the guarantee expires in 10 years! Safe, healthy, environmentally friendly.
You will notice the difference. 

No need to drain, no need for monitoring, no replacing, no messy chemicals and moisture residues, just a fresh, clean, dry environment protecting your valuables. You will love it!

For wardrobes and cupboards, pantries, linen closets, RV’s, boats, rental storage, basements, safes, under stair cases, stagnant nooks.

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4 reviews for Dampp-Chaser Storage Dehumidifier

  1. Kerry (verified owner)

    Very happy with service. After a miscommunication I was sent an extra item for my trouble. Thanks very much

  2. Kerry (verified owner)

    Have only just installed but service has been fantastic!

    • Carol Parr (store manager)

      Hi Kerry, thank you for your lovely feedback.

  3. David Woodland (verified owner)

    great prompt friendly service. I have used these storage dehumidifiers before and found them very successful.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tony spent a lot of time advising me which of the damps-chasers would be most suitable for my wardrobes and gave a lot information about how to prevent mould build up. I ordered 3 of them but they were not available, sodisappointed and did not want to wait for a month for their arrival. Had to go to find them some where else. It would have been 5/5 had I been able to purchase them. Love the outstanding commitment and care Tony and his wife show for their customers.

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