DIY Mould Testing

Suspect your house is making you sick? Maybe you’ve been right all along. Are you living in a ‘damp, mouldy home’ and looking to really get to the source? Maybe you are keeping to budget or ‘feet on the ground assessment’ by our team is out of reach. Have you had to postpone your indoor environmental assessment due to out of region distance travel or you’re located interstate?

Healthy IAQ Check Kit for Mould

Don’t let dampness or potential mould ruin your home, your indoor air quality … or your health!

If you or someone in your family is suffering from mould sensitivity or chronic illness, finding out whether your home is making you sick is essential to getting well.

The key factor is moisture because moulds and fungi need it to grow. As a result, moulds and fungi are most often found in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and dark, stagnant areas such as basements, unventilated rooms, exposed sub floors to wooden floor interiors, and wardrobes. The presence of mould does not always mean that health problems will occur. However, for some people the inhalation of the mould, fragments of the moulds, or spores can lead to health problems or make certain health conditions worse.

Our DIY Mould Testing Kit For Air and or Surface lets you take your samples where ever you are located, in which ever space in your home, any time, like a pro. Send us back the kit and samples and you’ll receive a comprehensive report, just like that.

Includes delivery of Self Timer Pump, sampling materials, Air Mould Spore Cassettes for air sampling, easy-to-follow instructions, return post, comprehensive analytical report, it’s safe and no skills required, everything you need to identify any IAQ problems, potential mouldand develop a sense of what is healthy or less healthy in your home with our recommendations to improve IAQ.

Don’t delay any longer. Book your Mitey Fresh Healthy Indoor IAQ Kit for Mould Today.

… And uncover the hazards lurking in your home. Breathe easier… Live easier… Knowing you’re safe.


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