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Open your bedding to the world of dust mite prevention with the natural AllerProtect Pillow. This pillow is made to sleep with you, and packed with features such as the 3.5-4.5 micron pore size, stop dust mite allergens capability, and convenient total encasement for full on protection. Welcome to the AllerProtect family. Order Now.

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We designed the pillow because we needed it to help families, particularly the offspring. As a team of intuitive solution seekers and living enthusiasts, we’ve thought through every angle of the pillow sleeping experience because many had to endure coughing and sneezing and long nights too. It’s all about realizing the relief for a better night’s sleep, wherever you are.

  • View the revolutionary loft height.
  • They’ll have some good nights sleep with this tested asthma friendly AllerProtect Cotton Pillow!
  • Microscopic pore size 3.5 – 4.5 microns allows them to sleep comfortably and soundly.
  • Zipper closure at the end for easy loft adjustment.
  • Natural 100% cotton helps keep their body cool and sustain the material long lasting.
  • No chemicals, no dyes.
  • Wash confidently in hot water without distorting the fabric contents and integrity
  • Product measurements were based on using standard Australian pillow size.
  • Please note that measurements can be custom made to fit your size.
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1 review for Dust Mite Pillow AllerProtect

  1. C. Stevens

    We are really pleased with the job done, the advice and also the allergy pillow. Thank you very much.

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