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Minimise dust mite infestations in your mattresses, carpets, soft lounges with dust mite control. Test and find out the level of dust mites in your home, work place or accommodation facilities. Order Now.

Check dust mite allergen levels in your home using this simple screening test, designed especially for home use.

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Particles in the air which settle (or can potentially settle) on surfaces are called “dust.”

After settling, dust particles may become airborne when disturbed. The health effects of airborne dust particles depend on the size and type of particles. Some particles may contain heavy metals, toxic materials, or fibers. They may be carcinogenic, allergenic, or relatively harmless. Environmental factors such as space and ventilation can determine the size of the particle. Indoor allergens are important because they are the major cause of asthma and/or allergic reaction with sensitized people.

If allergens are present in your home, the symptoms you suffer may have already given you confirmation, but a home allergy test can determine the source of those allergies. You can then make lifestyle changes and increase your comfort. Home testing kits work by testing the dust in your home for common indoor allergens. If you suspect that something in your home or office environment is causing an allergic reaction, a home test kit can help.

You can check the level of dust mite allergens in your home using this simple screening test, designed especially for home use.

Ventia™ is a home based rapid allergen test for the detection of house dust mite allergen. It is designed for use by allergic patients and health conscious consumers. The Ventia™ Kit enables the presence of mite allergens to be detected in a dust extract within ten minutes.

Special Features

Easy to use

No dust handling involved

Results within 10 minutes


All you need to do is take a dust sample from your mattresses, bedding, soft furnishings or carpets using the DUSTREAM™ collector that is provided with the kit.

No dust handling is involved.

Results are obtained within 10 minutes.

The built in colour indicator lines shows whether the sample contains Low, Medium or High levels of dust mite allergen.

The Ventia™ Kit contains everything needed to perform 2 tests.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner to which you can attach the DUSTREAM™ collector nozzle contained in the kit.

Tech Specs

2 tests for mite Group 2 allergens.
1 DUSTREAM™ collector and 2 disposable filters
Buffer solutions and 2 sample droppers
Step by step instruction booklet and sampling guidelines

Research and Development: United Kingdom – specialising in products in environmental sciences,
allergy and asthma.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Hi, I purchased 3 of your Dust Might Test Kits to check my beds, I found the Kits easy to use with clear instructions. After using the kits I now have peace of mind that my beds are free of dust mights. Thank you

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