Smell Funky Odours?See Spot of Mould?

Do you have

  • smelly, funky odours? 
  • lingering stale, musty odours? 
  • moist, damp, dark, stagnant spaces? 
  • itchy nose and eyes
  • noticed a spot or two black, green, grey or brown coloured spots, 
  • you can be dealing with surface mould in small spaces like 
  • wardrobes 
  • drawers
  • baby’s room
  • under stairs nook
  • small bedroom space
  • behind bed heads or under the bed 
  • valuable clothing, leather goods, rack of shoes
  • between hanging clothes
  • stored items in the attic
  • sporting gear, ski, scuba, photography cases
  • treasure boxes, items in sealed containers
  • in the study, the laundry, bathroom cupboards
  • pet sleeping areas
  • cars, from every day use to custom
  • caravan, tiny homes, trailer homes, fonzi flats
  • holiday home, airbnb, B&B, short term rental 
  • boats, yachts 

Control excess moisture in the air that will cause funky, musty odours.
Prevent damage to your valuable possessions and reduce funky odours.

Ensure clean, fresh air quality to these spaces.

Learn how to stop it Now!

How to get rid of the mouldy spots and smells?

I’ve got 3 steps to solve that funky smell

These are the 3 C’s to Quality Air Indoor Air

* Circulate * Clean * Comfort *

So, what will I need to do?

1. * Circulate *

  • Open doors, windows, curtains, cupboards, drawers for a thorough dose of natural light
  • Move contents away, declutter items from nooks and crannies, to set the air circulation free
  • Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. Fresh air interacts, dries and filters out odours and dust 

Bonus Tip: Get a torch!
                  Look! and move out contents, stuff and declutter objects away from blocking illumination,                            circulation, interaction.

Need more guidance for a healthy home? Check out Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment

2. * Clean *

  • Use proper protection for you, the space, the items that you are cleaning
  • All materials and products used in this space affect one another, and you!
  • The most important thing is to keep cleaning simple and valuable. 
  • After cleaning you will check again weekly and compare the improvements. 

Bonus Tip: Our simple solution is simple.

Cornwell’s White Fermented Vinegar and water and a couple of dish drops, a Chux wipe, and microfibre cloth.

Add drying to your environment.

Download Instruction sheet – Clean Simple Level Mould Contamination
Watch video below – simply breath taking!  

Need more guidance for a healthy home? Check out Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment     

3. * Comfort *

  • Clean this wardrobe or space as often as needed
  • this in turn maintains your small space environment and prevents musty odours and surface mould growth, 
  • keep the space dry, well ventilated and contaminant free.

Bonus Tip: Watch video clean your environment – how to use microfibre cloth

So, what would I need for this space?

Choose from the following keep dry & stop funky air & mould solutions


The Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks combines natural volcanic ash, honeycomb pores and longevity to get you fresh in funky air.

Product Review Online

Instruction Sheet

Dampp Chaser

The Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifier allows warm air, to replace cold air to get you healthy and safe.

Product Review Online

Instruction Online

Optional: Naturally Home Starter Kit

Get the Naturally Home Starter Kit from our partners at Naturally Home.
The above link will take you to their website. 

Need more help?

To make your indoors stay dry, fresh and healthy, even when ventilation is maxed out, determine whether your space needs to add an air purifier or a dehumidifier to turbo boost on a regular basis.        

Need more guidance for a healthy home? Check out Building Biology Healthy Home Assessment     

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