Are you planning on moving into a new home or building this year?  If so, you are going to need some supplies to get you started with proper indoor air care.

Taking care of your indoor air the right way is key to making your valuable health last.  The following items are absolute essential products for anyone looking to take care of their indoor air properly so they can enjoy it all year long.

1. Microfibre Cloth

Probably the one item you will use most of all, a microfiber cloth will let you easily remove dust, dirt and even sponge up water in a flash.  After all, no one wants to breathe in air that is filled with floating dust particles or potential mould.  So pick up a microfiber cloth and start removing those contaminants as you work to keep your indoor air clean once the cleaning week hits.

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2. Vacuum Cleaner

Not all dust, dirt and mould spores will be sitting on top of surfaces ready to be wiped away, most will begin to collect on the bottom of your carpet and soft furnishings, behind furnishings and in corners.  In order to reach that dust and get rid of it once and for all, a vacuum with a HEPA filter and power head is simply a necessity.  It will easily pound and suck away the dust and contaminants so your room looks clean from the top down to the very floor.

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3. Home Safe Cleaning Kit

While you may not have known you would need to become an amateur chemist to look after your indoor air, cleaning with non-toxic chemicals is one of the most important tasks you will do as a healthy home custodian. Owning good quality, safe cleaning products is key so you can find out exactly what you are dealing with in your indoors air.

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4. Borax

While not all indoor spaces are naturally clean, most of us find the hard to clean areas in one form or another.  Keeping your cleaning levels up will guarantee that your air remains free of dust and mould and neutral aroma so you can breathe safely all year long.

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5. Mitey Fresh’s Favourite Little Sucker

ZeoZeolite Rockslite helps prevent the odours and moisture from attaching to your furnishings too quickly and gives it a chance to work in the air the way it was designed naturally to do.  Adding a Big Bag of Rocks to your bedrooms and living areas will help you control your air quality and save you money in the process.

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How to Create a Healthy Indoor Air Cleaning Maintenance Schedule

More attention means using LESS CHEMICALS. It all makes sense if you understand a few key components to creating the perfect indoor air maintenance schedule.

Print this handy indoor air care planner and put on your fridge so the whole family can help take care of the indoors this year.

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6. Air Shock

Every now and then your indoor space will need a good shock to cleanse the air of any airborne contaminants.  Air Purifier is necessary to help control your air quality and it will help you get it right after a long time the building being closed up or after renovations.

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7. Conwalls Fermented White Vinegar

Mould is one of the number one enemies of indoor air owners everywhere.  If you have a space that has been damaged by water at any time of occupation, you are going to have to deal with mould growth at some time or another.  Keeping a little fermented white vinegar in your arsenal will help you combat the problem before mould has the chance to take over your building.

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8. Zeolite Nature’s Deodoriser

Zeolite RocksYou never want your air to be too humid.  Not only will it make you feel sweaty and hot, but it will also create moisture on your walls, floors and ceiling if you don’t correct it in time.  Adding a bag of volcanic rocks to your space will help you absorb the moisture levels thus reducing the potential of mould making a better breathing and environment for your space.

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9. Dehumidifier Hire

While we don’t like to talk about the end of a summer season, it is something that we all must face.  Preparing your building for the winter months is essential to protect your indoors from moisture damage and is key to a dry and mould free opening in the spring.  Every home owner should add a dehumidifier to their collection so they can prepare for that cold, damp, winter season.

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10. Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifier

Storage DehumidifiersSometimes your cleaning just won’t be able to cut it.  Environment, dampness and mould will stick to the sides of your walls and valuable clothing like a blob that refuses to let go.  A loyal Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifier can stop this type of contaminant and environment in a flash.

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There you have it.  If you take the time to invest in the items on this list, you will have all the essentials you will need for proper indoor air care.

If you are thinking about moving into a new building or home or if you have already ordered yours, make sure you go through this list and pick up everything you need so you can get your home ready for the move-in and take care of the entire building air.

Towards healthy living, Carol Parr

As Principal Consultant to Mitey Fresh since 1996, I have acquired knowledge of adverse health effects at the client’s properties and recommend effective strategies to reduce occupants’ exposure by eliminating and controlling as many sources of pollutants in order to create healthy indoor living environments that are as exposure-free and natural as practically possible.

Carol Parr

Author Carol Parr

Carol Parr is a Building Biologist and Healthy Home Wizard. She has worked with asthma and allergy sufferers in their homes and work places for over twenty years, specialising in mould, dust mites, chemicals, EMFs and WiFi. When she’s not turning unhealthy rooms into healthier, relaxing and productive spaces, she’s most likely frightening her husband and their children with numerous “let’s see what this does when …” projects.

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