Cleaning today compared to yesterday

Hey there!

I was listening to a radio program about life in a small town (I just happened to find this station in the car).

The guest was talking about life in a town, their homes, their work and their play, somewhere along the west Australian coastline. A reflection of a time long past, early in the decade before last, the narration opening a door to our senses.

Not being a part of that history I don’t know the nuances around learning different skills. So, I listened closely as the guest speaker described how different living was from today’s that we know really well.

It’s the same with housekeeping.

There are things we know well, skills that we had when we learned from our upbringing.

Or that we’ve developed over years of practice.

And, then we try something new.

When we leave the family nest, we have a different home and so we learn to manage and clean and fix all over again.

We have floor boards instead of carpets so we learn sweeping, hairy nozzle instead of power head, we see dust bunnies and pet hair more often than if we had a carpet.

We want to create a new cleaning schedule or service record for wet appliances and air conditioner (hello Indoor Air Care Planner!) and we learn cleaning products suitable for the usual and those new surfaces we’ve not seen before – and the nuances of cleaning, cloths, products, when, where and which surface.

When we are learning to drive a car, it makes sense that we don’t learn just by driving.

We learn by practising.

And practising some more.

And that makes our driving so much better.

I feel this is a great lesson that I want to highlight this month as we dive into the Cleaning Zone.

Many viewers will be learning new skills… the skills of creating new rooms like home office, nursery, upgrading to healthier products, designing to do chore lists for growing family members, using new vacuum cleaner, and installing extractor fans.

For others, you’ve been practising for a while.

You’ve had healthy cleaning products before.

You’ve got the right vacuum cleaner for your place and power head for carpet and long haired brush for wooden floors.

You’ve played and practised with opening windows and air conditioner settings.

When it comes to our products and services, practising includes checking in.

So I encourage you to dive into our knowledge:

I can’t wait to hear how you housekeep, clean and create your space.

Here’s to a healthy home you love.

Towards healthier living, Carol Parr <3

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