How to put an Allergy Free Dust Mite Cover onto Your Pillow

Mitey Fresh demonstrates how to put an Allergy Free Dust Mite Cover onto Your Pillow. Mitey Fresh Dust Mite Covers totally encase your pillow. They are tested and proven to protect your family from dust mites and allergens. The cover used in the video is a 100% cotton AllerProtect dust mite cover – which you can buy from us here.


1. Unzip dust mite cover and put the pillow into the dust mite cover.

2. Zip up dust mite cover to enclose the pillow.

3. Cover with your own decorative cover over the top.


Carol Parr

Author Carol Parr

Carol Parr is a Building Biologist and Healthy Home Wizard. She has worked with asthma and allergy sufferers in their homes and work places for over twenty years, specialising in mould, dust mites, chemicals, EMFs and WiFi. When she’s not turning unhealthy rooms into healthier, relaxing and productive spaces, she’s most likely frightening her husband and their children with numerous “let’s see what this does when …” projects.

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