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How to Wash Your Woollen Underlay

Mitey Fresh tips provide welcome relief from triggers that what causes asthma and allergies:

Removes dust, skin scales, pollens, dust mite and their faeces

Refresh your woollen underlay, doona or quilt seasonally Air out on washing line in sunshine and breeze. If you are sensitive to dust, ask someone to do it for you. Wear a protective mask prevent breathing in the minute particles. Best time to air your bedding is between 10 am and 2 pm. That is the hottest part of the day and less pollen activity.

Badminton, tennis or squash racket. Beat on all sides of item. Turn over and repeat. Removes dust, skin scales, pollens, dust mite and their faeces.

Wash in a laundry liquid. Avoid powders which tend to cling to fibres. Air dry, feel and smell the freshness

Make your bed with fresh sheets. If you are sensitive to dust mites and require further dust mite control, encase your bedding with Allergen Barrier Covers and use allergy free bedding.

Carol Parr

Author Carol Parr

Carol Parr is a Building Biologist and Healthy Home Wizard. She has worked with asthma and allergy sufferers in their homes and work places for over twenty years, specialising in mould, dust mites, chemicals, EMFs and WiFi. When she’s not turning unhealthy rooms into healthier, relaxing and productive spaces, she’s most likely frightening her husband and their children with numerous “let’s see what this does when …” projects.

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