What do you do when damp is a problem in your home?

With dehumidifier hire you could be enjoying healthier, more comfortable conditions in your home, workplace or business. Why buy a dehumidifier when hiring ours is cheaper, from only $150.00 per week. You will enjoy welcome relief from moisture build up, mould spores, condensation and musty odours with drier conditions.

Remediate the source of moisture and treat rising damp issues. Free delivery, pick up and all maintenance – no hassle service. Click here for more info.

Looking for commercial dehumidifier hire for your business? We can offer that too. Contact us for a quote.

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Dehumidifier Hire Sydney

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or 4 fortnightly payments from $37.50 with Afterpay More info

Round the clock protection when you need it most! Reduce mould, mildew, dampness, condensation, odours. Relieve hayfever, sinus headache, influenza, sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, allergic rhinitis, asthma symptoms any time of year! Around the clock protection. Safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, energy saving. Maintain an allergen free and healthy home or office and you will notice the difference.

These prices are for residential hire purposes only. For commercial hire, please contact us for a quote.


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Rent a dehumidifier when you need it most.

Services: Hire dehumidifier for 1 week, 4 weeks (1 month) or 12 weeks (3 months)

$150.00 for one week is for residential (private) hire only. For commercial hire, contact us for a quote.

Fee includes delivery and pick up in Sydney only.

If you live in Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Illawarra regions, an extra small fee applies.

Our range of Dehumidifiers remove large amounts of water around the clock.

Quietly, efficiently, substantially reduces the conditions under which dust mites, moulds, mildew and condensation occur.

Dehumidifier Hire reduces mould, mildew, dampness, condensation, odours providing asthma and allergy relief with around the clock protection. Powerful, tough, reliable, safe, healthy,  environmentally friendly, and energy saving.

Special Features

Stylish and quiet

Superior strong quality

Power efficient, economical, low running costs

You decide your comfort level

Energy saving for yourself as well as power

As seen on TV “Our House” Channel 9, Australia

Tech Specs

Small enough to fit anywhere

Quality non-corroding parts and materials (unlike most models on the market today).

Utilises up to 480 watts when running.

Fully adjustable and accurate dryness control extracting 16 litres of moisture per day at 30°C and 80% relative humidity.

Large 4 litre tank, front load.

Permanent drain option (simply purchase the required length of hose from your local hardware and just fit effortlessly)

Turns off automatically when water container full (energy saving).

Air intake and output, and water container are at the front/top of the machine – special feature which allows the unit to be placed right up against a wall with a piece of furniture on either side.

Ball bearing fan motor, important for durability, will turn off when dehumidifier has reached level (energy saving unlike other dehumidifiers on the market today).

CFC Free refrigerant.

Carry handle at top, 4 castor wheels, nylon air cleaner

Will operate in the coldest conditions (5~35°C).

Colour: Cream

Approved: Since 1990 serving Australia



Height: 60cm

Width: 30cm

Depth: 29cm

16 Litre/day capacity or 24 Litre/day capacity depending on the size of the area.

For further information, talk with one of our consultants.

3 reviews for Dehumidifier Hire Sydney

  1. Allison F.

    I hired a Dehumidifier back in April. I am happy to report that after much cleaning and continual airing, my house is in good shape and I have been without problems since the dehumidifier rental. I appreciate your assistance, professionalism and information-all were most helpful, not to mention your wonderful customer service.

  2. Hayek Real Estate Potts Point

    Mitey Fresh and the dehumidifier I hired saved the day. I had a situation arise where the property was above a cellar full of water, the pumps to the building were not coping or successfully draining the water. Tony installed a suitable model of dehumidifier that efficiently removed the moisture from the apartment above and maintained the clear dry air until the situation was resolved by the building Management. I highly recommend Mitey Fresh. Tony & Carol were extremely kind and helpful.

  3. Daniel C.

    Hi team at Mitey Fresh
    Will be giving you a 5 out of 5 score, for being such a friendly, kind and flexible company to have the pleasure of dealing business with.
    Tony is a real cool cat and decent guy.
    Will spread the word in any way possible – you guys and girls are great.
    Many thanks, Dan and Rob.

    • Carol Parr (store manager)

      Thank you so much guys. I just found your response today and made me feel very chuffed to read it. We have come a long way since we met you. Hope ll is good in your neck of the woods 🙂

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