Eliminate Condensation, Humidity, Rising Dampness, Musty Odours, Stale Air, Unpleasant Smells, Pollution, Harmful Gases,
Dust Mites, Pollens, Pet Hair, Smoke & Alleviate Asthma & Allergy Symptoms.

Whether you’re dealing with one, some or all of these contaminants, turbocharge your room with Mitey Fresh’s advanced mechanical solutions.

Effective solutions designed to efficiently dry, filter and purify the air, ensuring cleaner and healthier living spaces.

Restore quality indoor air & transform your bedrooms & living areas into a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle with The Mitey Fresh Turbochargers!

Create dry, fresh, breathable rooms

Stagnant, smelly air … that well, … just doesn’t seem to go away?

  • visible surface mould patches
  • visible & significant water pooling like plumbing leaks & flooding,
  • condensation & dampness,
  • windows ‘crying’
  • water damage

  • funky air & mould growth has affected more than one living & sleeping space,
  • living areas, lounge room, media room,
  • lower ground level,
  • south facing, shady,
  • older homes with timber floorboards … adjoining sub-floor exposed soil,

  • Inadequate sub floor ventilation 
  • exterior protruding wardrobe spaces
  • garden beds jutting up the building walls
  • inadequate indoor temperature control
  • roof & gutter leaks

  • invisible bathroom, kitchen & laundry leaks
  • inadequate steam extraction in bathroom, kitchen, laundry
  • drying laundry inside
  • open fire place, gas heating & cooking
  • clutter, many occupants, inadequate dusting & vacuuming 
  • inadequate cleaning & maintenance of air cons
  • inadequate pest management, building materials deteriorating

Combat Condensation, Humidity, Rising Dampness, Dust Mites, Musty Odours, Stagnant Air, Smells, Smoke, Pollutions in those contaminated rooms.
Prevent damage to your valuable possessions & reduce funky odours.
Reduce the Impact of Asthma, Allergy, CIRS & Chemical Sensitivities.

Whether you’re dealing with at least one, some, or nearly all of these issues, our advanced mechanical solutions are tailor-made for you.
These innovations efficiently filter, dry, and clean the air, effectively reduce dust mites and allergens, ensuring welcome asthma and allergy relief.
Experience the power of turbocharging the air and effectively filtering, drying and cleaning it, ensuring a refreshing and purified living environment.
Transform your living space and embrace a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle today!

How would nature solve it ...

*Remove *Rejig *Revive*

1. Remove

  • Open doors, windows, curtains, 
  • Open cupboards, drawers 
  • Remove the stagnant, cold air & dry out
  • turbo shock with a thorough dose of natural light
  • Get a torch! 
  • Search for the source … find it …
  • Remove the cause of the smell, the cause of the water, dampness, the odours
  • Stop the source by removing, repairing, replacing, regulating, rejigging, &
  • simply … revive that space.
  • ventilate … ventilate … ventilate. 
  • Fresh air interacts, filters & dries moisture,
  • remove dust & odour … remove it all  

Bonus Tip:
Just one of these materials …. porous & semi porous materials … could change the balance of your indoor air quality from ‘fresh’ to ‘contaminated’ when not dried within 36 hours!

  • carpets, fabric sofas, soft material furnishings, bedding
  • artworks,
  • blinds, curtains, mattresses,
  • cane & woven items,
  • shoes and clothing, suitcases.

        Need help to dry & clean properly, call in professional help.    
Check out our video here on how to test your indoor air quality. We know you will love it 🙂

2. Rejig

  • Ensure the source has been removed, repaired, replaced, regulated, rejigged, revived
  • Use proper protection for you, the space, the items that you are cleaning
  • Remember, all materials & products used in this space affect one another,
  • and YOU!
  • Clean up smelly, personal care, cleaning, pest control products, remove them!
  • Clean up water spills, dry them!
  • Remove soft, porous items contaminated with visible mould to wash or dispose of
  • The most important thing is to check those suffering from contaminant exposure & associated symptoms to keep you, your family & occupants healthy & happy 
  • After cleaning you will check again weekly, got it …
  • Compare the improvements … curve the corners of your mouth 🙂 … well done, you showed up. 
  • Stop new smelly products at the front door & check labels, MSDS & sense how you feel. 
  • Ensure your home is ‘rejigged’ to ‘balanced’ fresh air levels 

3. Revive

  • Dry & clean the air as often as needed
  • Remember, any product that does not ‘feel’ right, is not right for you or your family
  • Make repairs & improve the space, 
  • Keep dry, well ventilated & contaminant free.

Bonus Tip: 
Make sure you watch this short video where we show you 
Tips How to Maintain a Healthy Home before they become larger & more costly problems.


Dehumidifier Hire Sydney
Dehumidifier AusClimate NWT Medium+25L
(<38m2 ~ 95m3L)

Dehumidifier Hire & Sale

Dramatically reduce moisture build-up produced by the daily activities in the home, dampness from structural design & weather conditions.

Dehumidifiers are particularly useful in spaces where high humidity can lead to problems like mold growth, which can thrive in environments with elevated moisture levels. By reducing the humidity, dehumidifiers help create a more comfortable and healthier living environment while also safeguarding materials and structures from moisture-related damage.

Inova-DE20 Air Purifier (Particles VOCs & Mould < 100m2)
$ 1,930.00

Air Purifier Hire & Sale

Efficiently remove 99.97% of indoor airborne particles, down to 0.01 micron in size – dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mould spores &  unpleasant odours.

Air purifiers sell based on marketing, media, people’s emotions and sad to mention, people’s suffering and fear. Independent consideration is required and command a tick next to each decision, I encourage you to really assess these important points. I feel, no amount of marketing can justify what is happening with you and your situation, everyone and every environment is different!

Dust Mite Bed Set Cotton
$ 367.00 - $640.00

Allergy Free Bedding

Blocks dust mites & mould allergens, bacteria, feathers & smelly irritants from your bedding with total zipper  encasement for full on protection.

These covers are designed to protect individuals who suffer from dust mite allergies by creating a barrier between them and the allergens produced by dust mites. Dust mites are tiny creatures commonly found in bedding, mattresses, pillows, and other soft furnishings, and their droppings can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Dust Mite Pillow AllerProtect
Dust Mite Pillow

Dust Mite Free Pillow

Stop breathing in dust mites & mould with 4.5 micron pore size, 100% cool cotton encasement, no dyes or chemicals, designed to wash & tumble dry since 2006.

The AllerProtect Pillow is a natural, non-toxic solution that offers protection against dust mite allergens and their associated health issues. It improves indoor air quality, reduces bacteria and mold-related concerns, and effectively alleviates dust mite sensitivities, thereby providing a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment for individuals prone to allergies.

Dream Silks Doona
$205.00 – $675.00

Dream Silks Doona

Silk is the only known fibre which is completely non-allergenic, resistant to allergens, a must have for those suffering from asthma, allergies, dermatitis, psoriasis. Once you have slept under one you will never want to use anything else again! 

The doonas are breathable. The steady temperature reflects heat, and this balances body temperature. This does not trap air between the body and the fabric so that there is not a heat trap. (No more sweating or throwing the doona onto your partner or restless sleep). Effectively alleviates dust mite sensitivities, thereby providing a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment for individuals prone to allergies.

Put the Heal Back into Your Healthy Home!

Health and harmony … it’s what all of us want in our lives.
So we need our homes to support it.
Healing, healthy, harmonious home is what’s truly game-changing!
Balance your indoor environment combining strategies that can quickly adapt to and
mitigate the impact of long lasting air quality and wellbeing challenges.
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