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Indoor Air QualityTips
January 18, 2018

How to Clean A Bedroom the Right Way

When’s the last time you cleaned your bedroom? We mean really cleaned it. Could it be that your room is in need of a good declutter, tidy and clean right now, and you’ve been putting it off because—let’s be honest—cleaning your bedroom isn’t nearly as fun as relaxing or sleeping…
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Case StudiesIndoor Air Quality
January 4, 2018

10 Indoor Air Care Tips From 10 Quality Indoor Air Experts

Over the last month, we have asked some indoor air quality experts across the country to share just one IAQ tip with our readers. We would like to thank everyone for participating in this post. Hope you can learn a thing or two from these quality indoor air experts. 1.…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
November 13, 2017

10 Essential Items You Need For Proper Indoor Air Care

Are you planning on moving into a new home or building this year?  If so, you are going to need some supplies to get you started with proper indoor air care. Taking care of your indoor air the right way is key to making your valuable health last.  The following…
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Mitey-Fresh- How-to-clean-air-purifier
How ToIndoor Air Quality
September 2, 2017

How To Clean An Air Purifier

Your air purifier does a great job of cleaning the air in your home or office, where you sleep and work, but periodically they need a good cleaning themselves.How to Clean Air Purifier ImageThis regular maintenance is essential if you want your air purifier to stay in great shape and…
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How ToIndoor Air Quality
July 8, 2017

How to Vacuum Your Home Professionally

If you don’t have a good vacuum cleaner, or having air quality issues, you need to learn how to vacuum your  home professionally. There are two reasons to know how to vacuum a room professionally: Because you don’t own a good vacuum cleaner – and bugger because you really NEED…
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Yellow living room chairs and footrest, white table, overlooking motorway
How ToIndoor Air Quality
April 19, 2017

How To Clean Indoor Air

Cleaning your indoor air includes opening windows, dusting, vacuuming, washing. If you do these tasks every week, you will keep your indoor air clean. It also helps to keep mould, dust mites, bacteria, off-gassing and stagnant air from occurring. You could compare it to brushing your teeth and rinsing your…
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How ToIndoor Air Quality
April 10, 2017

How Long Do I Run My Air Purifier?

“How long do I run my air purifier for?” or “Do I leave the air purifier on overnight?” These are questions I get asked by both residential and commercial occupants, whether they’ve started using an air purifier first time or had one for operating on and off for longer. 24…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
March 6, 2017

Should You Use Chemicals Indoors?

If you live, work or play in buildings, chances are you have heard someone talk about chemicals. But should you use chemicals indoors? To answer that question, first we must learn exactly what chemicals are and how they affect your indoors. Once we understand what chemicals are and what they…
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Dust MitesHow To
February 21, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Mites In Your Bed

First, we must start off by asking ... What Are Mites? There are two types of bed mites: Dust Mites Courtesy Mite Guard New Zealand These are opaque looking bugs. They eat skin cells, bacteria and pet hair. They're microscopic ánd don't bite. They absorb moisture, so they can be…
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How ToMould
February 17, 2017

How Long Should I Run My Dehumidifier?

“How long to run a dehumidifier every day?” This is an excellent question. I get asked by everyone, whether they’ve had a dehumidifier for years or just started using one. The best answer would be to run your dehumidifier unit 24 hours a day. However, that could end up costing…
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