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Healthy Home Basics: Dive into the essentials of building biology, unraveling the secrets of a home that breathes health. Check it out here.

Contaminant Chronicles: Brace yourself for a journey into the unseen world of indoor pollutants. Our videos capture the essence ~educating and empowering. Catch them on our YouTube channel here.

Family-Friendly Blog: Get cosy with our blog, tailored for any space whether home, office or commercial. From nifty DIY tricks to heartwarming stories, it’s your go-to spot for a dose of Healthy Home inspiration. Check it out now.

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Is House Keeping Creating Issues?

Identification, evaluation, prevention and remediation of dust and or dust mite issues within the indoor environment ensures healthy buildings, homes, workplaces and healthy, happy occupants.

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The Green Thing

This is a story, you may recognise it as your story, written from an email that came into my inbox, likely been around the world

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How The Pillow Was Made

A few years back, around 2001, I noticed there was no pillow option for asthmatic children. There were normal sized pillows ‘standard’ but nothing smaller

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InovaAir E20 Review

The Innova Air Purifier E20 is a great investment for smaller rooms like your bedroom to larger rooms like open plan living. It’s a lot

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