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You can't put a price on the health you'll have airing your home, workplace, lifestyle. So, tell me what its like at your place!


Is your home making you or your family sick? Maybe nobody believes you when you say there’s something wrong. Or maybe your doctor has asked “is it your home?” or maybe you’ve been right all along and it’s time to find a solution. Our qualified Building Biologist can help here.


Have you heard about our Indoor Environmental Assessment? We’ve developed an extensive assessment to help you understand your home environment and the steps you need to make for healthier living. To get a quote, visit here.


Concerned about mould in your home, or how it may be affecting your health? You’ve found some! You’ve tried to remove it and it keeps coming back. Your home has got “that musty smell!” Building assessment and mould testing with a qualified Building Biologist can help here.


As a business concerned with healthy living, we felt it appropriate to offer a selection of products, hiring dehums and air purifiers we believe in. Hand picked based on our own experience, you will find the selection of products available here.


You’ve taken steps to keep your patients healthy, training on new information in your field, offering expert treatment solutions for all patients in your care, you’ve done it all and more. Learn how a Building Biologist can help you help your patients here.


Are you struggling to remove the dust from your carpets, rugs, mattresses and doonas? Your doctor suggested to reduce dust mites, pollen and pet hair, keep your home dust free. We can help with safe, allergy free solutions here.


Maximise your health

Experience has shown us that many factors within buildings and the environment can have an enormous effect on people, even without them knowing.

Today, we thrive in creating healthy home and office environments for people, and we love getting to the root cause of any problem given to us.

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Mitey Fresh does more than save you money on your health bills –

improves your home’s indoor environment and lifestyle by opening up the possibility for comfort, healthy sleep, restored energy …

Thanks Carol for all your help. Seriously I gained more practical advice from you in 30 minutes that in 2 years with doctors and specialists. I was inspired to embark on a healthier lifestyle for us. I threw out all my current cleaning products and personal care products and replaced them with chemical free products, all the bedding with the protectors and also organic cotton sheets. I personally feel I have more energy and am sleeping better…
Alicia P, (Townsville)
Talk to Carol Parr from Mitey Fresh… I bought a bag of special volcanic rocks from her for under $40 and it never needs replacing and all my leather bags shoes and wardrobe love her now too!! She also taught us how to treat mould and other cool Healthy home things… My builder man has taught his clients the stuff we learnt too! AND she taught us about the different vinegars and we never had to leave the house!
Karin S, (Sydney)
My son was suffering from severe allergic reactions. He was constantly sick, with a runny nose and sneezing and was often run down and tired. Carol Parr gave me some outstanding advice about changes I could make in the home to rid the home of allergens.  On Carol’s advice, I threw out old pillows and cushions that I realised probably contained mould and/or dust mite. I now put bedding and soft toys through a hot wash. And I gave my home a thorough spring clean based on Carol’s instructions to minimise mould, dust and dust mite.  My son’s health has improved immeasurably by taking simple and very low cost steps to eliminate allergens from my home.
Lisa S, (Sydney)
Hi Tony and Carol, I am extremely impressed with you service and the personal attention you apply to your sales process. Thank you for the detailed allergy consult, it has helped tremendously in knowing how to lower the allergy levels in the house.
Nicole B, (Sydney)