Transform Your Home into a Haven of Healthy Living!

Foster harmony, promote health, facilitate healing, and enhance overall well-being with The Mitey Fresh Balance.

Balance indoor environments & nourish the soul, gain control and focus on healthy home management.

Embrace the power of Building Biology Healthy Home assessments, practical solutions, and reclaim the vitality of your living spaces.

Put The Heal Back Into Heal-thy Home

 Pungent odours, surface mould is visible,

  • there are gross smells hanging around,
  • condensation,
  • dampness is ongoing, relentless
  • funky air and mould have affected multiple spaces,
  • mould is present, it’s visible
  • but wait … it may be invisible … in the air, under carpet, behind wall cavities, ceiling cavity
  • just can’t see where it’s coming from.

You’ve started to notice odd symptoms 

    • persistent coughing
    • headaches
    • muscle aches
    • difficulty concentrating
    • brain fog
    • fatigue
    • shortness of breath
    • dry & irritated eyes, nose, throat & skin
    • sinus congestion
    • hypersensitivity & allergies
    • nausea
    • difficulty sleeping
    • CIRS
    • chemical sensitivity

Investigate the cause!  Especially when people develop these symptoms within a few hours of being at home & they feel better after they’ve left the building or when they’ve been away from the home for a weekend or vacation.

  • Contaminants in the air,
  • surface mould is visible or unbeknownst,
  • may be invisible …
  • the mould is spread throughout more spaces,
  • maybe the whole house

Discover the Key to Transforming Your Home and Your Well-being!
Uncover the Secrets to Creating a Healthy, Harmonious Space with Mitey Fresh’s Balance Strategies. Eliminate frustration, fatigue, and that sense that something isn’t quite right at home, these strategies are tailor-made for you.
Embrace the power of Building Biology assessment, practical solutions, and a focus on health to reclaim the vitality of your living space.
Say goodbye to pollutant-related discomfort and hello to a rejuvenated, balanced, healthy lifestyle!

How would nature solve it ...

* How far * How much * Helping hand * 

1. How far ?

  • Get thinking & get clear about your healthy home
  • Managing a healthy home, it is essential to take note of the current home, 
  • underlying indoor environmental balances & imbalances 
  • Get clear on what you really need when living in contaminated, humid, damp, conditions
  • Are you breathing fresh air?
  • Why are you planning to get your home healthy, dry, contaminant free & fresh?
  • What is your motivation?   
  • Get started to answer these QUESTIONS you NEED ANSWERS to now!  

Bonus Tip:
All you need to do is to tweak & personalise to suit your own indoor living needs.                            Be kind, there is no one size fits all process. 
                         Each individual is unique, every residence varies, even from your neighbour.

2. How much?

  • Unlock the door to accelerate your healthy home
  • How much?
    Time … money … effort … skill set … knowledge … support … tenacity … intuitiveness … vision … & you may have some of your own quirkiness to add here. How much do you really want to spend? and can afford?
  • How?
    How do you want to feel?  Your children, your partner, your family? How do you want them to function?
  • How can you achieve it? What is stopping you?
    Partner, family, friends, siblings. work colleagues, trades you already know
  • Unlock your senses – 
    sight, smell, touch, plus some “knowing”, your “gut feeling”, “your” intuition  

Bonus Tip:
Ventilate! Ventilate! Ventilate! 
Dry! Dry! Clean! Clean! Clean! 
Did we mention … keep the home well ventilated!                                                                                                                   Add an essential Checklist to assess your environment.

3. Helping hand?

  • Connect to your home
  • Walk through space by space, sense by sense, room by room,
  • Learn what is safe & what is not,
  • Understand & question what needs to be balanced, sample air & surfaces. 
  • Look at floor plans & designs, air, moisture, & material pathways, 
  • Get a good feel, and understand it, & so you finally get results. 
  • Check out this video where Mitey Fresh shares our truth, we are more interested in the ‘why’ of indoor air quality, rather than the ‘how’.

Bonus Tip:
Make sure you watch this short video where we showcase Your Environment!


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Hello Healthy Home

An extraordinary valuable opportunity to work ‘one on one’ with one of the best healthy home minds on the continent. 

Essential to get clarity about what’s toxic & what’s not, get answers to those questions you need answers to Now so to create a happy, healthy home.

Feet On Ground Consultation

Get The Building Biologist Healthy Home Consultant, feet on the ground in real time, comprehensive consulting & create your truly healthy home.

Meet Your Building Biologist

My name is Carol Parr and empower proactive families sift through health hazards like mould, allergens, VOCs, chemicals and EMFs to get clarity about what’s toxic, what’s not and create truly healthy homes, through feet on the ground consulting.

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