Smelling funky odours & maybe even seeing a tiny bit of mould in the wardrobe or behind the bed can be unexpected … & unpleasant!

You’ve been cleaning & airing for a while now & the rooms are okay … but kids got runny nose, there’s definitely musty odour & mould!

You know your airing, ventilation, cleaning & drying is letting you down. Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed & Doc says ‘check the house”!

Is Your House A Hazard To Your Living & Making You Sick?

Dampness, Mould, Dust Mites, VOCs, Toxins, Pesticides, Gases, Stagnant Air & EMFs are Everywhere,
& the more you’re exposed to them, the longer time you’re bathed in them,
the greater your risk for developing the health problems they can cause.
Mitey Fresh Building Biology Healthy Homes
Can help with Easy to Implement balanced solutions for your home
No matter what size the space, from small nooks, to any room, to the whole house!

Why Choose us?

  • Been doing it better since 1996
  • Compassion to be the inspiration hasn’t changed
  • Respect to value, connect & transform together
  • You might love us cause we choose Ethical in choosing right
  • Affordable – to embrace everyone & everything
  • Be it true to our environment isn’t a fad
  • Vision – to breathe easier, live easier
  • We’ve earned our place in the hearts & homes of our fans around Australia



(even if you’ve never tried a solution or two before)

Stop Dampness, Mould, Dust Mites, Toxins, Pesticides, Gases &
Contaminants in Their Tracks!

Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks
Absorb & control moisture & odour problems smoke, perspiration & musty odour transfers in wardrobes & small rooms, naturally.
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Dampp Chaser
Warms, dries & circulates air in confined spaces, driving off dampness & eliminating the conditions under which mould, mildew, rot & rust grow.
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Dehumidifier Hire & Sales
Dramatically reduce moisture build-up produced by daily activities in the home, dampness from structural design & weather conditions.
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Air Purifier Hire & Sales
Efficiently remove 99.97% of indoor airborne particles, down to 0.01 micron in size – dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mould spores & unpleasant odours.
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AllerProtect Pillow
Stop breathing in dust mites & mould with 4.5 micron pore size, 100% cool cotton encasement, no dyes or chemicals, designed to wash & tumble dry, since 2006.
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Allergy Free Bedding
Blocks dust mites & mould allergens, bacteria, feathers & smelly irritants from your bedding with total zipper encasement for full on protection.
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Dream Silk Doona
Dust mites will NEVER live in silk! Provides asthma & allergy relief by stopping the continual night time exposure to dust mite allergens while you sleep. Simply devine!
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Healthy Home Makeover
Essential to get clarity about what’s toxic & what’s not, get answers to those questions you need answers to Now so to create a happy, healthy home.
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On Ground Consultation
Get The Building Biologist Healthy Home Consultant, feet on the ground in real time, comprehensive consulting & create your truly healthy home.
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The Indoor Air Care Planner!

How To Clean Your Indoor Air Duties!

Whether you own or rent your home, you’ll find this PDF from THE Building Biologist’s files to be a valuable overview
of how to maintain your indoor air regularly.

A useful checklist & planner to help you on your journey to a healthier home.
And it shows you exactly WHEN to do this with the whole family!

Get your Indoor Air Care Planner Today!

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Using Us

1. Families and Buildings Thrive

2. Empowering healthy home peoples since 1996

3. Professional Solutions & Recommendations

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

So, what's it like at your place ...

The only process you need for clarity & focus on what is toxic & what is not

This process is designed with passionate families in mind. One step at a time, you’ll have a simple strategy to follow, PLUS a process that you can rinse and repeat in every room, space, home.

Doesn’t that feel MUCH better than having 10 different cupboard spaces across 10 different rooms and 20 products scattered throughout your home to keep it healthy?

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