Discover the Ultimate Solution to Banish Unpleasant Odours, Dampness and Mould in Compact Spaces!

Say goodbye to funky smells & excess moisture with Mitey Fresh Essentials, your go-to remedy for creating dry, mould free, fresh environment.

Uncover effective strategies for odour control and moisture management through our comprehensive guide on drying and cleaning techniques.

Transform your small spaces into a haven of freshness with The Mitey Fresh Essentials. 

Create a clean, dry, fresh space

Smell funky odours? 

  • lingering stale, musty odours?
  • feel moist, damp, dark, stagnant spaces?
  • get itchy nose, eyes, ears, or can’t stop scratching …
  • notice a spot or two … black, green, grey, brown … coloured spots
  • you may be dealing with surface mould in small spaces

  • wardrobes 
  • drawers
  • baby’s room
  • under stairs nook
  • small bedroom space
  • behind bed heads or under the bed
  • exterior protruding wardrobe spaces
  • valuable clothing, leather goods, rack of shoes
  • between hanging clothes
  • stored items in the attic
  • sporting gear, ski, scuba, photography cases
  • treasure boxes, items in sealed containers

  • in the study, the laundry, bathroom cupboards
  • pet sleeping areas
  • cars, from every day use to custom
  • caravan, tiny homes, trailer homes, fonzi flats
  • holiday home, airbnb, B&B, short term rental 
  • boats, yachts. 
Take control of excess moisture in the air to eliminate funky, musty odours that affect your living spaces.
Safeguard your valuable possessions from potential damage and reduce unpleasant odours.

Experience the difference with clean, fresh quality air.
Discover effective ways to halt odours and moisture. Act now to create a more comfortable and pleasant indoors for you and your family!

How would nature solve it?

* Circulation * Cleaning * Comfort *

1. Circulation

  • Open doors, windows, curtains, cupboards, drawers 
  • open to a thorough dose of natural light
  • Move contents away, 
  • declutter items from nooks & crannies 
  • set the air circulation free
  • ventilate … ventilate … ventilate … 
  • Fresh air interacts & dries surfaces 
  • filters out stagnant air, odours & dust 

Bonus Tip:
                  Get a torch!
                  Look! We really mean … LOOK!
                  Move out contents, ‘stuff’ & declutter ‘things’ away from blocking the light & the air flow.
                  Check out our video for more tips … all year round!

2. Cleaning

  • Use proper protection for you, the space, the items that you are cleaning
  • All materials & products used in this space ‘affect one another’ … 
  • … & YOU!
  • The most important thing is to keep cleaning simple, manageable & fun. 
  • After cleaning you will check again weekly, got it …
  • Compare the improvements … curve the corners of your mouth 🙂 … well done, you showed up. 

Bonus Tip:
                  Our simple solution … well … very simple in fact …
                  Cornwell’s White Fermented Vinegar and water and a couple of dish drops, a Chux wipe, 
                  and microfibre cloth.
                  Add drying to your environment.

3. Comfort

  • Clean this wardrobe space as often as needed … seasonally … yearly tops!
  • this in turn maintains your confined space environment
  • prevents musty odours & surface mould growth 
  • keep the space dry &
  • well ventilated & 
  • contaminant free
  • Check out where the humidity & condensation are coming from … 

Bonus Tip:
                  Make sure you watch this short video why this cloth cleans up asthma & allergies 
                  & you can start straight away! No sneezing or coughing! 


Zeolite Packs

Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks

Absorb & control moisture & odour problems such as smoke, perspiration & musty odour transfers in wardrobes & small room naturally.

Zeolite is often used in products like air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and odor eliminators. Its ability to capture moisture, odors, and certain pollutants from the air makes it a popular choice for enhancing the quality of indoor environments. 

$105.00 - $125.00

Dampp Chaser Rods

Warms, dries & circulates air in confined spaces, driving off dampness & eliminating the conditions under which mould, mildew, rot & rust grow.

A Wardrobe Dampp Chase is a product designed to prevent dampness, moisture buildup, musty odors in wardrobes or enclosed spaces. It is marketed as an alternative to chemical-based products use to combat these issues.

Transform Your Spaces into a Breath of Fresh Air!

Want your sleeping and living spaces feeling dry, fresh and healthy
even with ventilation maxed out?
It’s time to bring in a breath of fresh air into your indoor environment!
Turbocharge your indoor air quality with our revolutionary solutions!
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