Air purifiers sell based on marketing, media, people’s emotions and sad to mention, people’s suffering and fear. Independent consideration is required and command a tick next to each decision, I encourage you to really assess these important points. I feel, no amount of marketing can justify what is happening with you and your situation, everyone and every environment is different!

At Top of Mind, the Air Purifier needs to complement your health needs and At the Same Time, effectively deliver to the space you are sleeping, living or working in.

These 2 Points are so Important!

You can watch a full video 1 and a half minutes on what to consider when shopping for an air purifier, or read below (or both).

Step Up

If you’re looking to step up your indoor air quality, these are the points to consider!

> Your budget

> Your room size in cubic feet or metres

> Number of air passes through air purifier per minute in cubic feet / metres

> Noise level when operational on all speeds from low to high / turbo

> Position of intake and output of air. I prefer these to be on opposite sides, and on top of the air purifier, for ultimate effectiveness

> Output of air is not drafty

This next part is so valuable, not only in getting down to the nitty gritty but also saving you money. It’s usually overlooked, yet so essential!

Note and calculate prices and the money you will spend now and in future replacements.

And most important feature, how easy are the filters accessed in the Air Purifier unit itself when maintaining and replacing them.

Mitey Fresh Air Purifier Check List

Access your easy to use air purifier checklist with important things to consider, space to write your calculations plus extra key information you need to remember when shopping.

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Take Note:

> HEPA Air Purifiers have some level of activated carbon-based material to absorb odours and chemicals. Carbon absorbs gasses that will not be caught by the HEPA element. However, the smaller the amount the quicker they fill up. Pre filter captures the largest particles.

> Look at how big the filters are, a larger filter will be more effective however costly compared to a smaller filter.

> Units will vary in price from inexpensive to more expensive depending on their research and development, country of manufacture, quality of the mechanics and housing, certification, quality and design of HEPA, amount of activated carbon, combination of HEPA and carbon, design and off course brand marketing.

Air Purifier

Every now and then your indoor space will need a good shock to cleanse the air of any airborne contaminants.  Air Purifiers are necessary to help control your air quality and it will help you get it right after a long time the building being closed up or after renovations.

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Air purifiers made from steel casings are more durable and avoid off gassing or technically known toxic volatile organic compounds.

100% airtight sealed mould ensures no air by passes around the filter. Majority of air purifier filters on the market are constructed from either cardboard, plastic or foam which are less than ideal materials for making an air tight, efficient filter. These materials contribute to off gassing too, entirely unhealthy for those suffering from chemical sensitivities.

Cylindrical shaped filters allow for greatest surface coverage, increases efficiency and filter life. Compared with typical panel type filters, which is a fraction of the size, their surface is reduced, filter effectiveness decreases and replacement cost increases, repeatedly.

Your air purifier is one of the most important ingredients of your home or office filtration system. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your air is clean. An air purifier does a great job at that, but only if you do your part as well. By purchasing a unit suited to you and your indoor environment, regularly cleaning and replacing your HEPA and by performing a deep clean of the air purifier at least three or four times a year, you can keep your air purifier in great shape so it can do its job.

Towards healthier living Tony Parr 🙂

As Principal Consultant to Mitey Fresh since 1996, we have acquired knowledge of adverse health effects and recommend effective strategies to reduce occupants’ exposure by eliminating and controlling as many sources of pollutants in order to create healthy indoor living environments that are as exposure-free and natural as practically possible.

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