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We’re glad you’re here. We’re Carol and Tony, founders of one of the longest running Healthy Home Blogs in the world, Mitey Fresh Australia. We’ve been on this journey for the last 25 years and are passionate about helping families sift through health hazards and triggers like allergens, mould, water damage, chemicals and EMFs, to get clarity about what’s toxic and what’s not so they can create a healthy and happy home for their family they love. Each month, people visit this blog seeking focus on the health and wellbeing of their loved ones, sustainable and effective practice tips and guides, to help create and manage healthier indoor spaces, improve the built environment that is pleasing to the senses and support healthy living and nature, every day. Starting this blog was to help change people’s lives, one family at a time, and we can’t wait to share how its allowed us to stand next to you and show you how interpreting these synergies between buildings and the environment they are built in will impact upon the health and well-being of those who occupy them. Find out more about Healthy Homes and what this blog can do for you!

Improving Indoor Air Quality by Understanding Moulds and Fungi

Have you ever wondered why mould tends to grow inside homes and buildings? Moulds and fungi are natural components of our environment, essential for breaking down leaves, wood, and other plant debris. These micro-organisms can find their way into a building either directly or through airborne spores. In indoor spaces, you’ll typically discover moulds and

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Understanding Mould: Its Types, Health Impacts and Prevention

Mould, an ancient inhabitant of our planet, has silently existed for millions of years. It can be found virtually everywhere – outdoors, indoors, in the air, and on various surfaces. Mould, a type of fungus, thrives under specific conditions: organic materials, moisture, suitable temperature, and time. Mould comes in two categories: some are beneficial, while

Understanding Mould: Its Types, Health Impacts and Prevention Read More »

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