Inova-E20 Air Purifier (Particles VOCs & Mould < 100m2)

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Effective in areas up to 100m2, the INOVA-E20 is sensational for use in large spaces, bedrooms, living room and small to medium office environments requiring a high level of air purification primarily for the removal of aerosol-based particulates, odours, viral and bacterial contaminants.
Actively removes – dust, allergen, VOC, mould and pollution load, it helps purify contaminated, stagnant air while offering enriched, healthy air and satisfying occupants’ instinctual needs.
Add to contaminant free air by including Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks and top with Mitey Fresh bedding.


The Inova-E20 is customised to be effective in medium to large areas up to 100m2, the unique filtration is sensational for larger areas such as bedrooms and offices requiring a high level of air purification.

Designed to meet the needs of an indoor environment’s

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • VOCs ~ Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Pollen
  • Pet Hair
  • Mould Spores and Mycotoxins
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Smoke ~ Bush Fire, Cigarette, Second Hand
  • Odours
  • Chemicals
  • Road and Traffic Pollution load

Inova-E20 helps purify contaminated, stagnant air while offering enriched, healthy air and satisfying occupants’ instinctual needs.

Meanwhile, the blissful uplift makes it ideal for those occupants who just want fresh air.

The high air flow, plastic free and chemical free materials enhance user experience while allowing families, students and workers the freedom to attend to their unique needs.

Want to make heavy-duty smoke, chemical and odour removal easier or remove airborne mycotoxin and bacteria load?

Please allow us to choose one for you. We’ll guarantee the specific one for your place. 🙂


  • Technostat® high-efficiency pre-filter. 
  • High-capacity cylindrical H13-certified medical-grade HEPA filter with 6.4m2. surface area and metal casing.
  • 6kg Activated Carbon filter for applications requiring heavy-duty smoke, chemical & odour removal.
  • High airflow quickly reduces ambient dust, allergens and chemical pollutants
  • High-Flow air diffuser with silencer for ultra-quiet operation on low fan speeds
  • Plastic-free, chemical-free aluminium powder-coated construction
  • Portability, easily moved from room to room on wheels
  • 100% Ozone free. Inova Air Air Purifiers do not produce any harmful Ozone.
  • Each system is individually certified using a calibrated, Met One, ISO-compliant laser particle counter to meet or exceed the stated efficiency.

Let’s have a look at the filters …

3 Stage Filtration

The Inova-E20 three-stage filter

  • provides the highest level of filtration and airflow available
  • resulting in lower energy consumption and longer filter life
  • endcaps manufactured from steel, with steel mesh outer and inner casings to protect the HEPA filter and avoid damage during handling
  • and best of all, lower cost of ownership!

There are only 2 sealing faces on the filter (top & base) which are sealed using Poron® gaskets to ensure no unfiltered air can pass through the system.

All 3 filters are included with the initial system purchase.

Stage 1 Filtration

Technostat® High-Efficiency Pre-filter

First stage

  • captures ultra-fine sub-micron particles including dust, bacteria & viruses before they reach the main HEPA filter
  • ensuring filtration efficiency and extending the life of the HEPA filter.

Technostat® is a tribo-electret media and has uniquely charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub-micron particle sizes including bacteria and viruses.

Filter life: 3-6 months continuous use. Get the E20 replacement Pre Filters with Mitey Fresh 

Stage 2 Filtration 

H13 Medical-Grade HEPA Filter

Second stage

  • removes viruses, bacteria, mould spores, allergens, pollen and dust mites before passing over to stage 3 filtration
  • certified at 99.95% @ 0.3 microns and tested down to 0.003 microns at 100% efficiency*
  • made with a robust steel casing and an incredible 6.4m² surface area, normally found in commercial filters used in hospitals and clean rooms.

Filter life: 3 – 5 years continuous use. Get the E20 replacement HEPA filter with Mitey Fresh

Stage 3 Filtration

Activated Carbon – 6kg Filter

Final stage

  • designed to remove chemical pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), smoke, road pollution and odours
  • stage before the purified air is released back into the room through the High-Flow™air diffuser.

Filter life: 6 – 12 months continuous use. Get the E20 replacement Carbon Filter 6kg

There are 4 main components to look for in an air purifier …

Medical-Grade Filtration

  • Use H13 medical-grade HEPA paper with steel casings and airtight filter seals
  • NO synthetic filters with plastic casings that you’ll find in most consumer grade air purifiers.

Because of this, Inova Air purifiers are trusted and used by hospitals and medical facilities throughout Australia.

EC Fan Technology

  • The Electronically Commutated (EC) offer up to 70% energy savings compared to typical AC fans, largely because the secondary magnetic field comes from permanent magnets rather than copper windings.
  • The EC Fan built into Inova Air Purifiers consist of a brushless DC motor with onboard electronics used to drive and control the fan rotor.

Premium build materials

  • Plastic-free, chemical-free, aluminium powder-coated construction
  • easy wipe-down and disinfection of external surfaces with any ethanol-based alcohol cleaning agent.
  • “Great for people who are chemical and mould sensitive” ~ Mitey Fresh Building Biology Team.

Australian Made

  • all Inova Air systems are manufacted to the highest quality standards at their Australian factory here in NSW.
  • ensures quick and reliable support and filter replenishment.
  • “Check in with our Product Consultant located on the northern beaches of Sydney for installation, filter replacements and best operating practice” ~ Mitey Fresh Product Team. 

Plus …

So easy to move

  • So easy!
  • all Inova Air systems can be easily moved from room to room on the built in wheels
  • choose to operate the air purifier in the living space during the day and move it into a bedroom at night

Sensitive Choice®

  • asthma and allergy sufferers can choose with confidence
  • the National Asthma Council (NAC) Australia has recognised the Inova-E20 air purifier for its potential benefit for people with asthma and allergies.

Australia’s BEST Air Purifier Warranty

  • we proudly offer a full 5 YEAR warranty on the Inova-E20 not normally found with residential or commercial air purifiers
  • you will purchase with confidence knowing this will be a long-term investment in your health
  • “We’ve observed Inova Air innovate and  develop with passion since we first me the team in 2009.  Mitey Fresh are proud  as punch to warrant them as our BEST and only air purifiers” ~ Mitey Fresh Team.

Savvy Indoor Air Quality Seal of Approval

After reviewing this quality air purifier and neutral material offgassing, I’ve decided to give it my Savvy IAQ seal of approval.

We highly recommend this unit to anyone who is either tired of keeping contaminants down and free in their home or looking for a helping hand to keep family healthy, happy and safe.

Again, it’s natural materials, yep, we’ve got you, sometimes a mechanical solution is needed, reflects the values of Mitey Fresh, a business started from the pure necessity to remind ourselves we all can live natural and healthy lives without environmental hazards adversely affecting the health of us or our planet.

System Specifications


Air delivery up to 510m3/hour.
Recommended coverage area 20-100m2


W:39cm x D:39cm x H:65cm.



Country of Manufacture



Powder-coated 1mm, 5052 Grade Aluminium.
All INOVA systems are 100% Ozone free.

Power consumption

6-125 Watts.

Motor type

EC Centrifugal Fan (European), designed for continuous 24-hour operation. Uses 70% less power than typical AC fans.

Speed control

Infinitely speed selectable with potentiometer control.

Sound rating 34-60 dBA
Airflow noise only. High-quality, near-silent German-made fan.


Technostat® electrostatically charged high-efficiency prefilter.

Filter life: Up to 6 months continuous use**

HEPA Filter

H13 Medical-grade. 6.4m² surface area.

Filter life: 3 – 5 years continuous use**

Activated Carbon Filter

6kg activated carbon filter.

Filter life: 1 – 3 years continuous use**


5 years (parts and labour)***

Authorised Distributor

Mitey Fresh Australia

* Tested by LMS Technologies Inc (EN1822)

** Filter life will vary depending on dust & chemical concentrations present. As operating conditions vary based on levels of dust, chemicals & odours present, and system proximity to major pollution sources.

*** InovaAir does not warranty consumable filter life.

Add to contaminant free air by including Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks and top with Mitey Fresh bedding.


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    Excellent purifier. Our house is so much fresher.

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