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The indoor environment sure has changed. What started out as necessity to remind ourselves we all can live natural & healthy lives is now a mission
to live without environmental hazards ~ allergens, mould, chemicals, VOCs, EMFs
affecting our home, our children, our planet.
Which is great because you can do so many things you couldn’t do in the past.
But it also raises a question: 

“Are every day households harnessing the full power of healthy homes?

In working with proactive families every day, we can tell you the answer is a resounding “No.”

We have these incredible tools available … Building Biology, Healthy Home, choosing right, creating extraordinary indoor air quality, solutions & products that naturally perform, effective companions to Mother Earth, readily available & affordable.

Yeah … they not only benefit human health, intuitively they also benefit the environment.

And the environment keeps showing us that many elements within buildings, together with  outdoors, has an enormous butterfly effect on occupants, people & animals, even without them knowing.

A simple change in product to more complex building imbalances, who is teaching us to manage them?

There is the internet, someone heard a story from someone, family or maybe a friend, & of course books & blog posts. But none of these, we’ve found, do a good enough job of 1) Teaching all the sources & solutions, and 2) Doing it in a down-to-earth, accessible way.

That’s why, when we created our site, we decided to take a different approach.

Hi, I am Carol & co-founder Tony to Mitey Fresh. Every day someone decides to get to the root cause of their indoor health hazards.
Why are so many people turning to us to learn what they can do for their place?

Three big reasons…

Thanks Carol for all your help. Seriously I gained more practical advice from you in 30 minutes that in 2 years with doctors and specialists. I was inspired to embark on a healthier lifestyle for us. I threw out all my current cleaning products and personal care products and replaced them with chemical free products, all the bedding with the protectors and also organic cotton sheets. I personally feel I have more energy and am sleeping better… Sue H. Belrose NSW

My son was suffering from severe allergic reactions. He was constantly sick, with a runny nose, sneezing, was often run down, tired. Carol gave me some outstanding advice about changes I could make in the home to rid the home of allergens. On Carol’s advice, I threw out old pillows and cushions that I realised probably contained mould and/or dust mite. I now put bedding and soft toys through a hot wash. And I gave my home a thorough spring clean based on Carol’s instructions to minimise mould, dust, dust mite. My son’s health has improved immeasurably by taking simple, very low cost steps to eliminate allergens from my home … Heidi T. Katoomba

First, we provide an easy on-ramp observations like intuitive gut feeling. Most consulting leads with the super techie sampling, which scares people off. We start with the simple stuff. That way, our healthy home peeps get quick wins and gain confidence. Only then do we take you deeper (and believe me, I can get as advanced as required).

 Second, we use real life walk throughs, room by room. Let’s be honest – the real world is messy. How many times have you watched Healthy Home Video and thought, “Yeah, I wish my home were that clean & organized!”

I come from the wholesomeness in family. I know your day-to-day is chaotic and messy. That’s why our information assumes you’re living in the real world – kids, partner, pets, work, school, friends, living & not in some museum under showcase conditions.

Third, we look at the big picture. We don’t just teach. Instead, we show you how to pull multiple skills together and create a fully functioning Healthy Home.

Too many Healthy Home videos miss the biology for the home. But when you’re able to see the big picture, not only do you gain a better perspective on what you’re creating, but you’re better able to support your offspring and family’s health. 

The truth is if you’re not living you’re not breathing. That’s why we believe in lifelong living well. And with this fresh approach to sharing, you can bet you’re in the right place to listen to your intuition, make your day easier, and improve your indoor air quality & health.

Hello, I am Carol!

Welcome to Mitey Fresh

We specialize in empowering you to shake and stir! Our passion comes from pure necessity that we all can live natural & healthy lives. We can all contribute to human wellbeing & preservation & determine the future health of our children & their environment tomorrow. Seeker. Teacher. True.

Why should you listen to me? I draw on more than three decades of experience consulting, educating sufferers with asthma & allergies, dust mites, mould, chemical sensitivities & paralysis ticks.

I’ve been granted truly a unique privilege with the gift of time. This time allows me to witness the evolving interactions between people, buildings, and nature, and the tapestry of influence they have on each other. I always think firsthand observation allows for a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationships shaping our surroundings, and how to make this knowledge easy for you.

My career journey began seeing dust mite & allergen sufferers as a nurse. I then co-founded Mitey Fresh products to Fight contaminants for Right health circa 1996 & Mitey Shield where we worked extensively with Tick and Lyme Symptom sufferers circa ’04. 

Just like many of you, you’ll experience nature with her many surprises. I’ve tackled the kind of challenging surprises that you might be dealing with right now. They’ve been my learnings here in this time …

I’m here to share my expertise as a certified Building Biologist with you, so you can conquer indoor contaminants & allergens, save precious time, create healthy living & get your health back – no matter how complex it might seem.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our Basic Indoor Science 101 page or sign up for our newsletter for regular updates & essential tips.

Here’s towards healthier living!

We work closely with leading health & building professionals, trade  specialists, helping their patients & clients create their healthy home & lifestyle, we look forward to doing the same for you! 

Mould & CIRS affected – Keep dry, Keep ventilated, Keep fresh! circa 2014

VOCs, Formaldehyde & MCS affected ~ Keep it real, Keep it natural, Keep truth in your life! Since year dot.

EMF & Hypersensitive affected – Observed, suffer, walk away, recover … slowly since 2014 

Families, Residential, Commercial – love being, walking in nature, city, old places, farm land, lean into people’s stories over a cup of tea, mum & wife, towards healthier living!

Design & choose a safe healthy, happy home & space ~ Design right, Build and Live Right from the Earth up! circa 2018 using Building Biology, Passive House & sustainable building material principles, hemp panelling.

Building Science Citizen, Indoor Air Quality Student, Passive House Connector

We are committed to using high-quality materials, durable construction techniques & meticulous design to guarantee better health. We can confidently say there’s nothing quite like Mitey Fresh on the market.


Join the Conversation

“Carol is admired for her ability to bridge the gap between the layperson, the  integrative health community and the building community”.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, now as the Mitey Fresh Building Biologist, I’m translating that experience into the indoor environment in every home. I don’t use jargon or complicated terms; I share real talk, from the earth up!

That means dissecting the intricacies of contaminant pathways and environmental imbalances in a way that feels like a friendly chat over a cup of tea. Picture this ~ practical, smart ways to transform your space into a haven for your family, without breaking a sweat. The environment waits for no one, and we have a rule around here: ‘Let’s see what happens when we do this ….’ there’s always bound to be a niftier way of doing things.

If you’re like most people reading this website, you’re barely scratching the surface of what’s possible with asthma and allergies, tools like the art of observation, finding the source, and doing something about it whether fixing it yourself or picking up the phone and calling Mitey Fresh. I want you to harness the full power of these tools because when you do, your life will change.

But you need to take a smart approach to your indoor environment. And that’s as a team of intuitive solution seekers and living enthusiasts, we combine our passion and profession to create products and services with a unique edge. If you want to join us, the next best step is to jump on our email list. We’ll continue the conversation over there, and even have a special gift for you upon subscribing.

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Our Vision

A world where every breath is an affirmation of well-being, life is today to shape our tomorrow.

Our Mission

The inspiration that unites us in embracing a toxic-free world, preserving humanity, sustaining our environment, ensuring our children's future, fostering a legacy of health and well-being for generations to coming.

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Smelling funky odours & maybe even seeing a tiny bit of mould in the wardrobe or behind the bed can be unexpected … & unpleasant!

You’ve been cleaning & airing for a while now & the rooms are okay … but kids got runny nose, there’s Definitely musty odours & mould

You know your airing, ventilation, cleaning & drying is letting you down. Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed & Doc says ‘check the house”!

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