About Mitey Fresh Australia

Mitey Fresh is a business that focuses on providing healthy home solutions for you and your family. Our focus is to not only provide information, via our blog resources, but also to offer tested products to use within your home and a Building Biology service for those who need an extra helping hand with their indoor environment issues.

Co-founded by Carol and Tony Parr, Mitey Fresh Australia is an enterprise that connects buildings, and the environment they are built in, and their impact upon the health and well-being of those who occupy them.

Our clients include:

  • Families, Residential, Commercial
  • Mould and CIRS affected
  • Tick and Lyme Symptom affected
  • EMF and Hypersensitive affected
  • VOCs, Formaldehyde and MCS affected
  • Dust Mite and Allergen sufferers
  • Those who are wanting to provide a safe healthy, happy home and space

Mitey Fresh reflects the values of a business started from the pure necessity to remind ourselves we all can live natural and healthy lives without environmental hazards adversely affecting the health of us or our planet.

Back when we first began in 1996, the company focused on giving homes a wonderful atmosphere of health and cleanliness by eliminating environmental triggers that caused adverse health effects.

We choose products that are affordable, that perform, and that benefit human health and the environment.

Experience has shown us that many, many other factors within buildings and the environment, simple as well as complex, can have an enormous effect on occupants, people and animals, even without them knowing.

Today, we thrive in creating healthy home and indoor environments, and we love getting to the root cause of any problem given to us.

"For us, the holistic relationship between nature, buildings, people and animals will determine the future health of our children and their environment tomorrow"

~ Tony and Carol Parr

Our Services

We come to your home and look at what could be making you and your family sick, adverse health effects to environmental exposures. Using the findings from the indoor and outdoor environment, we can get to the bottom of the issue. Our Building Biology services include:

Our Mission

To provide holistic solutions to people, who are unwell in their homes and at work, with premium quality solutions, services and products to help them breathe easier, live easier.

Our Vision

To make a significant contribution to a toxic-free world, thus preserving humanity, sustaining our environment and ensuring our children’s future.