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Everything we do, we feel in focusing on truly healthy spaces, we feel in choosing right.


The way we focus on healthy homes is by making our services and products naturally effective, earthly sustainable, readily available, instinctively sharable and intuitively uplifting.



We just happen to create extraordinary indoor air quality.



We’re in this together. You’ve got this!


Co-founded by Carol and Tony Parr, Mitey Fresh Australia is an enterprise that connects buildings, and the environment they are built in, and their impact upon the health and well-being of those who occupy them, occupational impact upon the daily operations and management towards building integrity.

Mitey Fresh reflects the values of a business started from the pure necessity to remind ourselves we all can live natural and healthy lives without environmental hazards such as allergens, mould, water damage, chemicals and EMFs adversely affecting the health of us, our children or our planet.

Back when we first began in 1996, the company focused on giving homes a wonderful atmosphere of health and cleanliness by eliminating environmental triggers that caused asthma and allergies.

We choose products that are affordable, that perform, and that benefit human health and the environment.

Experience has shown us that many, many other factors within buildings and the environment, simple and complex, can have an enormous effect on occupants, people and animals, even without them knowing.

We love getting to the root cause of any indoor environmental problem given to us, our services thrive in creating healthy homes, and know, you’ll feel good about it and share with loved ones and friends.

Everything we do, we feel in focusing on truly healthy spaces, we feel in choosing right, being kind, honest and true!


and what do we do ...

We help women and families create truly healthy homes sift through health triggers mould, allergens, VOCs, chemicals and EMFs, to get clarity about what’s toxic and what’s not with feet on the ground consulting and online Mitey Fresh Living Out the Box. 

We go into your home or office and look at what is going on for you. We look at your indoor and outdoor environment and using these findings, we can actually get to the root cause of what is potentially causing your health problems.

Indoor Environmental Assessment

If you or your family 
• Can’t breathe • Can’t sleep • Can’t stop scratching • Can’t stop coughing • Can’t get well • Can’t get on top of your day

If you are at the point of desperation and can’t find any answers …

Then you might need an Indoor Environmental Assessment!

  • Identifies indoor air hazards, allergens, dust mites, water damage, moisture ingress, mould, chemicals, gases, and much more.
  • Gives you the answers you’ve been looking for.
  • Provides long term solutions that give you a healthy home, happy children and peace of mind.
  • Provides welcome relief from asthma, allergies and chronic tiredness

    Here’s how it works

Mould Assessment

Concerned about potential sources of dampness or mould in your home?
The Mould Assessment provides peace of mind by evaluating potential sources of water damage, dampness, mould and more.

What I do is come into your home and analyse and understand what is going on in the building environment and identify potential adverse health hazards and provide solutions.

  • Evaluates dampness, building materials, systems for signs of water intrusion.
  • Provide solutions how to effectively reduce your exposure to dampness and potential mould
  • How to effectively clean mould from your home without the need for harsh chemicals,
  • What you should do to prevent potential condensation build up and how to effectively avoid musty smells.

    Take a sneak peak here.

Medical Doctor Referrals

Is it possible … their home or work place is making patients sick?

If you’ve ever been stuck indoors on a beautiful day, you start to really notice your surroundings. But most of the time you’ve taken them for granted. Trouble is … that could be hazardous.

Most home occupants spend about 90% of their time indoors. That’s bad enough … But what if doing that was even more unhealthy than you thought?

Have you been noticing more and more patients returning with the same symptoms? Returning over and over? People complaining about feeling tired and run down? Children lethargic? They just can’t seem to get on top of their symptoms?

The source of their trouble could be the very place they’re living in or working in. Don’t delay any longer.

Air Purifier Hire

Every home, work place, indoor living environment contains air borne pollutants such as dust, particulate matter, pollens, dust mites, bacteria, pet odours, cigarette smoke, car and truck fumes, paint fumes and renovation dust, cooking odours, VOCs from cleaning products.

These particles may trigger respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, asthma and allergies.Why buy, or try out, an air purifier when hiring ours is convenient, starting from only $150.00 per week. 

  • Enjoy welcome relief from particulate pollutants, pollens, moulds and environmental chemical overload and enjoy welcome relief from your symptoms.
  • Free delivery, pick up and all maintenance – no hassle service.

    Check it out here to get started.

Looking for commercial air purifier hire for your business? We can offer that too. Get a free quote today!.

Dehumidifier Hire

Enjoy drier, more comfortable, healthier space in your home, workplace or business. Why buy, or try out, a dehumidifier when hiring ours is convenient, starting from only $150.00 per week.

  • Enjoy welcome relief from humidity, moisture build up, mould spores, condensation and musty odours with drier conditions.
  • Free delivery, pick up and all maintenance – no hassle service.

    Check it out here to get started.

Looking for commercial dehumidifier hire for your business? We can offer that too. Get a free quote today!

Cleaning Services

Specifically focused on carpet, mattress, bedding, rugs and lounges. Since 1996, Mitey Fresh looks at ways we can assist with asthma, allergies and environmental issues that cause you to feel unwell.

We are not a cleaning business that comes to scrub your kitchen sink, but more a service that helps to reduce issues arising from dust, dust mites and other environmental irritants, what Mitey Fresh does best!

  • Good news! Enjoy welcome relief from asthma, coughing, runny nose, itchy skin, and musty odours with drier conditions.
  • Honest, dusted and done kind of service – no hassles.

    Click here to get started.

we provide assessment, biology, education ~

  • Dust Mite and Allergen sufferers – Fight contaminants, Right health! since 1996
  • Mould and CIRS affected – Keep dry, Keep ventilated, Keep fresh!
  • Tick and Lyme Symptom affected – Founder Mitey Tick Off for You and Mitey Tick Off for Pets since ’04 
  • VOCs, Formaldehyde and MCS affected – Keep it real, Keep it natural, Keep truth in your life! Since year dot.
  • EMF and Hypersensitive affected – Observed, suffer, walk away, recover … slowly since 2014 
  • Families, Residential, Commercial – love being, walking in nature, city, old places, farm land, lean into people’s stories over a cup of tea, mum and wife, towards healthier living!
  • Design and choose a safe healthy, happy home and space ~ Design right, Build and Live Right from the Earth up! 2018 
  • Building Science Citizen, Indoor Air Quality Student, Passive House Connector

Our Mission

Be the inspiration and together we embrace a toxic-free world, preserve humanity, sustain our environment and ensure our children's future.

Our Vision

We will embrace everyone and everythings' right to breathe, live and be happy.

Our Services

Our Products

  • Air Purifier Hire
    Extract large volumes of pollutants indoors in a very short time so you can breathe easier.
  • Dehumidifier Hire
    Dramatically reduce moisture build-up, dampness and stop mould by providing a drier, healthier home.
  • Cleaning Services
    Safe, allergy free solutions specifically focused on carpet, mattress, bedding and rugs.
  • Products Online Store
    Only the best will do for those who are sensitive and healthy alike, products and downloads.
  • Resources & Blog
    Learn something new every day with how to, tips, case studies and videos.

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