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How can a Building Biologist help me and my family?

In three words: peace of mind. Just think – no more feeling sick, tired and stressed! If you want a long term solution that gives you a healthy home and happy children, then a Building Biologist can help you. Get started now here.

How can a Building Biologist help my office and staff?

With a Healthy Office Diagnosis, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the air quality issues in your workplace and how to fix them. You’ll notice increased productivity, less sick days and happy staff. Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind. Get started now here.

What does a Building Biologist do?

A building biologist identifies and addresses health hazards in the built environment from mould and electromagnetic fields to allergens, chemicals, gases and particulates. A qualified expert in the relationship between buildings, those who occupy them and the built environment, a building biologist will conduct an on-site inspection in your home or office, find the triggers and provide solutions. We can also consult over telephone or Skype. Call us now for your 10-minute free consultation.


How do I know if I have mould in my home or office?

Few places on Earth are completely free of mould – it only needs moisture, oxygen and food to grow. Mould loves water damaged material such as timber, paper, clothes, furnishings. There are thousands of species of mould and it can present in a multitude of colours and shapes, or even be invisible. Sometimes you can smell a musty odour, and sometimes you can’t. Our Building Biologist can determine the existence of mould with specialised equipment and meters. Call us now.

Does Mitey Fresh clean or get rid of mould?

We don’t physically clean or get rid of mould. Regardless of the amount of visible mould growth or water damage, we locate and assess the associated invisible mould contamination. We find the trigger in your home or office and provide you with recommendations on how to manage the cause. Based on the results, we help you prevent mould from coming back ever again.

Is the mould in my home making me and my family sick?

Are you experiencing persistent coughing, headaches, muscle aches or difficulty concentrating? You don’t have to see or smell mould for it be a problem. Live and dead mould can be toxic to your health and cause allergic or inflammatory reactions. Even if you’ve recently cleared your home of mould, it’s better to be on the safe side. Get started now.


Why Mitey Fresh?

We are passionate about providing safe and natural environments for you and your loved ones. By listening and understanding your needs, we equip you with excellent solutions to exceed your expectations. Healthy abodes, happy occupants, and a sustainable ecology all drives and motivates us to contribute to human wellbeing. With the highest of ethical standards, and utmost integrity we focus on the solution. Nothing is impossible.

How much does it cost?

We understand that every situation is different, and every individual is unique. Because of this, our solutions are tailor-made to your needs. Get started today with our Free Healthy Home Checklist.

Once I’ve booked, what next?

Welcome! You took the first step toward a healthier home or office, so we’ll take it from here. Following payment and prior to your appointment, an extensive questionnaire will be emailed to you along with a short screening test. A Building Biologist will review the information and prepare for your appointment. On the day of your booking, the Building Biologist will conduct the Diagnosis with you, which can take anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours, depending on your requirements and our on-site findings. After the assessment, the Building Biologist will provide you with custom recommendations and solutions for your home or office.


Where do you hire out air purifiers and dehumidifiers?

We hire out our machines to Sydney and surrounds. We offer free delivery, pick up and maintenance to Sydney metro area. If you’re located in the Blue Mountains, Central Coast or Illawarra, there is an extra regional fee of $100 (GST incl.) We do not hire interstate or outside of Australia.

How can I get free delivery of products?

Simply order over $250 worth of products and/or services to receive free delivery anywhere in Australia! Shop now.

Do you post/service internationally?

Live outside of Sydney metro? We may be able to help you on-site (price on application). We also offer Skype and telephone consultations, contact us for more details. Most products we can deliver internationally – postage and freight charges vary. If you’re unsure, just drop us a line first.