I go into your home or office and look at what is going on for you. I look at your indoor and outdoor environment and using these findings, I can actually get to the root cause of what is potentially causing your problems.

Healthy Home Diagnosis

If you or your family…

  • Can’t breathe…
  • Can’t sleep…
  • Can’t stop scratching…
  • Can’t stop coughing…
  • Can’t get well…

If you are at the point of desperation and can’t find any answers… …Then you might need a Healthy Home Diagnosis! If you want a long term solution that gives you a healthy home, happy children and peace of mind, then a Healthy Home Diagnosis will give you the answers you’ve been looking for. The Diagnosis provides welcome relief from asthma, allergies and chronic tiredness by identifying indoor air quality hazards, allergens, dust mites, mould, chemicals, gases, and much more. Click here for more info.

Mould Diagnosis

Concerned about potential sources of dampness or mould in your home?
The Mould Diagnsis provides peace of mind by evaluating potential sources of dampness, mould and more. What I do is come into your home and analyse and understand what is going on in the building environment and identify potential adverse health hazards and provide solutions.
It includes an evaluation of dampness in building materials and a visual inspection for signs of water intrusion. You’ll be shown how to effectively reduce your exposure to dampness and potential mould, how to effectively clean mould from your home without the need for harsh chemicals, what you should do to prevent potential condensation build up and how to effectively avoid musty smells. Click here for more info.

Healthy Office Diagnosis

A Healthy Office Diagnosis begins with one or more concerns, such as staff and colleagues’ complaints about feeling uncomfortable or unwell whilst in the building or facility. Some complaints can be resolved quite simply and quickly by us asking you a few common sense questions during your initial phone enquiry.
During an on-site walk through assessment, many concerns can be addressed by asking more in-depth questions of occupants and staff, observing HVAC systems, pollutant pathways and contaminant sources. Certainly, there are some problems that would require more detailed testing and further investigation by an experienced Building Biologist. The outcome of the diagnosis is to understand the Indoor Air Quality concern well enough so that you can correct and solve it so the problem will not recur. Many Indoor Air Quality problems could result in more than one cause and may respond to or require several corrective actions. Click here for more info.

Air Purifier Hire

Every home, work place, indoor living environment contains air borne pollutants such as dust, particulate matter, pollens, dust mites, bacteria, pet odours, cigarette smoke, car and truck fumes, paint fumes and renovation dust, cooking odours, VOCs from cleaning products. These particles may trigger respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing, asthma and allergies. Hire an Air Purifier to reduce particulate pollutants, pollens, moulds and environmental chemical overload and enjoy welcome relief from your symptoms. Free delivery, pick up and all maintenance – no hassle service. Click here for more info.

Looking for commercial air purifier hire for your business? We can offer that too. Contact us for a quote.

Dehumidifier Hire

With dehumidifier hire you could be enjoying healthier, more comfortable conditions in your home, workplace or business. Why buy a dehumidifier when hiring ours is cheaper, from only $150.00 per week. You will enjoy welcome relief from moisture build up, mould spores, condensation and musty odours with drier conditions. Remediate the source of moisture and treat rising damp issues. Free delivery, pick up and all maintenance – no hassle service. Click here for more info.

Looking for commercial dehumidifier hire for your business? We can offer that too. Contact us for a quote.