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An extraordinary valuable opportunity to work ‘one on one’ with one of the best healthy homes mind on the continent.

Meet Carol Parr


My passion comes from the necessity that we can all live natural and healthy lives.

We can all contribute to human well-being and preservation to determine the future health of our children and their environment tomorrow.

Seeker. Teacher. True.

♥ You get to talk personally with ‘the Healthy Home Building Biologist’ who’s been engaged by proactive families since 1996.

♥ This could be the health changer you’ve been looking for, because Carol has a habit of gently guiding you to get clarity about what’s toxic & what’s not.

♥ Sift through health hazards like mould, allergens, VOCs, chemicals & EMFs

♥ After all, she’s the lady who creates truly healthy homes.

♥ Imagine having Carol as your Healthy Home Go To … one thing’s for sure, you’ll get that light bulb moment … ‘aha, I get it! 

You know what, let us just show you …  

Your chance to start afresh and put the 'HEAL' back into HEAL-THY Home!

If your overall health has fallen into the ‘I don’t know what to do any more’ category, here’s your opportunity to benefit EFFECTIVELY from call with a Healthy Home Building Biologist.

You KNOW you want your home to have ‘healthy air’ & balance ‘healthy living.’

Well here’s your opportunity… Carol ability to transform stagnant, unhealthy homes into fresh, breathable, healthy homes is awesome.

The Building Biologist who creates ‘healthy homes’ that is applicable to any space whether a room, or few, or whole house.

Indeed, she has been ‘feet on the ground’ that brings about balanced, healthy indoor environments and creates rooms that provide calmness, healthy sleep, relaxation & restored energy for all.

Plus, it’s nice that it also sustains our planet’s ecology, you’d agree.

Let’s chat over a Zoom Video Call and see how this can unlock the door to Hello Healthy Home at your place!

Imagine having this lady and her ‘Building Biology know how’

providing a safe, fresh HEALTHY MAKEOVER for your home!

♥ “Carol is admired for her ability to bridge the gap between the layperson, the  integrative health community and the building community”.

♥ Guided by Carol, women and their families thrive,  mouldy + chemical + electrical sensitive sufferers start healing.

♥ They’re healthier, they’re alert, they’re happier, more relaxed, more productive, and enjoying life.

♥ Her unique & mindful ways feel likes she’s standing beside you, to look and intuitively understand your space, your environment.

♥ If you think it’s the right time for your home  to ‘start feeling healthy’ when it comes to you being healthy, you’re at the right place.

Here’s the inclusions in this ‘HELLO HEALTHY HOME’ Zoom

1. Zoom 60 Min Call With Carol & Her Solutions Manager, Tony Parr

Carol & her solutions manager will have a Zoom Call with you, so they can understand your home & family etc.

The idea of this Zoom Call is to give Carol & her solutions manager a comprehensive understanding of your home and indoor environment.

Don’t be surprised if numerous “building biology-solution ideas” come thick ‘n fast in this discussion!

2. A Customized Mitey Fresh “Healthy Home” Action Items List

Straight after your Zoom Call with Carol and Tony, Carol crafts a “Healthy Home Action Items List” for your home.

Trust us …. she’ll get straight to the point … no long report with lots of overwhelm & “formal-speak”.

Carol will create a “bullet-point checklist of action items” that are based around one thing … breathing easier, living easier!

No rambling babble that simply fills pages – but rather, keen observations of what you’ve been doing … & short, sharp, “meaningful” suggestions of balanced, safe tactics to improve indoor air quality & you & your family’s health.

You get this “Mitey Fresh Healthy Home Action Items List” within 10 business days of your Zoom Call.

3. Second 60 Min Zoom Call – Action Items Discussion

Upon delivery of the “Mitey Fresh Healthy Home Action Items List,” enjoy another 60 min Zoom Healthy Home Building Biology Call with Carol and Tony.

This get-together is to discuss the ideas & suggestions in the Action Items List – so that everything is clear.

This Zoom Meeting also allows you to ask any questions about suggested balanced, safe tactics.

It’s a valuable get-together because it should help you fine-tune the suggested strategies “on-the-spot”.

And you can start thinking about a timeline for your “fresh, healthy home plan” moving forward!





Here's some examples of extraordinary YOU transformations!

Part of this call is proviiding YOU with a connection to GET A GOOD FEEL AND UNDERSTANDING of your home.

A glance below will show you 'Your Knowing' vs 'Your Being'

Watch the video below so you and your family’s interaction to the indoor environment will finally have RESULTS! 

Mitey Fresh works closely with:

♥ Dust Mite and Allergen sufferers – Fight contaminants, Right health! since 1996

♥ Mould and CIRS affected – Keep Dry, Keep Ventilated, Keep Fresh!

♥ Tick and Lyme Symptom affected – Founder Mitey Tick Off for You and Mitey Tick Off for Pets since ’04 

♥ VOCs, Formaldehyde and MCS affected – Keep it Real, Keep it Natural, Keep True to your Life! Since year dot.

♥ EMF and Hypersensitive affected – Observed, Suffer, Walk Away, Recover … slowly since 2014 

♥ Families, Residential, Commercial – love being, walking in nature, city, old places, farm land, lean into people’s stories over a cup of tea, mum and wife, towards healthier living!

♥ Design and choose a safe healthy, happy home and space ~ Design right, Build and Live Right from the Earth up! 2018 

♥ Building Science Citizen, Indoor Air Quality Student, Passive House Connector

♥ Leading Health professionals

♥ Stellar building professionals,

♥ Environmentally aware trade specialists,

♥ helping their patients and clients create their healthy home and lifestyle.

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