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Indoor Air QualityTips
November 2, 2018

12 Money Saving Tips for your Home

Over the years, I’ve come across some interesting money saving tips for your home while working with home owners. These tips will help you cut back spending while actively trying to maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, enjoying your home, and sustains our planet’s ecology, you’d agree. 1. Store Your Vacuum…
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Allergen Barrier Covers Review
Dust MitesTips
July 18, 2018

AllerProtect Allergen Barrier Covers Review

Looking for an affordable dust mite barrier cover for your mattress? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re reviewing the AllerProtect Allergen Barrier Covers. The AllerProtect allergen barrier covers are designed for mattresses, but they can also be used on doonas and pillows to any measurement. The AllerProtect Allergen Barrier…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
June 25, 2018

10 Ways to Maintain an Eco Friendly Home

No, we don’t mean painting your home green. We all want a pristine, fresh home, but can we be eco-conscious about it? Check out these top ten ways to be an environmentally friendly home owner. 1. Switch To A Greener Cleaner Bleach is the most commonly used chemical to clean…
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How ToTips
January 18, 2018

How to Clean A Bedroom the Right Way

When’s the last time you cleaned your bedroom? We mean really cleaned it. Could it be that your room is in need of a good declutter, tidy and clean right now, and you’ve been putting it off because—let’s be honest—cleaning your bedroom isn’t nearly as fun as relaxing or sleeping…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
November 13, 2017

10 Essential Items You Need For Proper Indoor Air Care

Are you planning on moving into a new home or building this year?  If so, you are going to need some supplies to get you started with proper indoor air care. Taking care of your indoor air the right way is key to making your valuable health last.  The following…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
March 6, 2017

Should You Use Chemicals Indoors?

If you live, work or play in buildings, chances are you have heard someone talk about chemicals. But should you use chemicals indoors? To answer that question, first we must learn exactly what chemicals are and how they affect your indoors. Once we understand what chemicals are and what they…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
February 16, 2017

5 Common Household Products To Clean Your Home

Have you ever wondered if you have to use those expensive chemicals and cleaning supplies found at your local supermarket? While some are irreplaceable, there are some products found at your supermarket that you can find cheaper when they are packaged for something entirely different. In fact, there are many…
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February 14, 2017

What You Should Do To Your Building After It Rains

Often people ask me, "is there anything I should do to my home after it rains?" It's very common question, and there are  few things you should check after a heavy rain. Rain can sometimes affect your indoor air biology. Because rain water can bring dampness, it can affect your…
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Country House White with Chimney Picket Fence Blue Sky Puffy Clouds
Indoor Air QualityTips
November 12, 2016

The Best Air Purifier Tips

When it comes to cleaning the air in your home or office, the best and most efficient tool in your strategy is to open windows, wide, to open doors, to open blinds and ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. However, ventilating may just not be enough, or in some homes and offices, non-existent.…
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Indoor Air QualityTips
February 18, 2016

Did You Know Your Household Dust Is Toxic

When you stop to consider it, you begin to realise how true this is. Every home has dust, every building.  This is normal. Each household has differing dust particle quantities, depending on a massive range of factors. Things like where you live, what you cook, how many people (and animals)…
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