Indoor Environmental Assessment

Are you always sick?
Is it… your home?

Maybe you’ve been told there’s no way your house could possibly be making you ill.

Maybe you feel like you’re going crazy!

Maybe nobody believes you when you say there’s something wrong. Or… Maybe you’ve been right all along—and it’s time to find a solution.

It can be frustrating when no-one listens. Can’t they see that something isn’t … right?

Your child just isn’t getting better. Or you’re feeling tired and unhappy. Or your spouse is always complaining about headaches. If you’re like most people in your position, the tension is getting overwhelming.

So you head to the Internet and find … NO help. A mess of contradictory information, scare tactics, and outright nonsense. Somebody heard a story once from someone they knew one time about someone else…

Confused yet?

Your friends and family look at you with disbelief. Even your spouse is starting to get frustrated. And your doctors … They mean well, but they just don’t understandWhy won’t anyone believe you? All you want is to be healthy again.

Can it really be all in your head? If it’s all in your head, why do you feel this way?

If only there were something you could do. The good news is … There is.

Schedule an Indoor Environmental Assessment and be sure.

We’re Mitey Fresh, healthy home experts for two decades. As building biologists, we’ve helped thousands of people find out the truth about their homes

…. and we can do the same for you.

When you schedule an Indoor Environmental Assessment with us, we’ll assess your home top-to-bottom, room-by-room, to find out what’s making you and your family sick.

"My son was suffering from severe allergic reactions. He was constantly sick with a runny nose and sneezing, and was often run down and tired. Mitey Fresh gave me some outstanding advice. My son's health has improved immeasurably by taking simple and very low cost steps to eliminate allergens from my home."
Lisa S

What do you get with your Assessment

You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the problems in your home and how to fix them … but we won’t stop there.

We can also help you find, test, identify the root cause of issues in your home’s environment, so you’ll know how to stamp them out for good, or what to mention to your doctor, real estate or builder to get action.

We’ll give you simple, healthy strategies for now and the future—practical and easy-to-implement recommendations—so you can make sure you’ll always stay safe.
This isn’t just about cleaning your home.

This is about finding—reducing and eradicating—the problems in it, once and for all.

And finally, we’ll give you one more important benefit … Peace-of-mind.

Imagine finally realising you’re not “going crazy”—
and knowing exactly what to do next.

If you suspect your house is making you sick, you owe it to yourself not to give up. Maybe you’ve been right all along. Don’t delay any longer. Schedule an Indoor Environmental Assessment with Mitey Fresh today and uncover the hazards lurking in your home.

Breathe easier … Live easier … Knowing you’re safe.

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