Healthy Home Downloads

How many times can you encounter the same  problem before you make a change?

We gather so many reminders in our life and each reminder is an opportunity.  

And what we do with these opportunities is convert them into action to achieve a healthier home.

And the answer is our downloads here will have you convert those opportunities into creating space for a more healthier home in no time.

EMFs and WIFI Tips- Download

Mobile Phones are an integral part of modern telecommunications and essentially ruling our daily lives, at work, rest and lifestyle through better connectivity and intelligent services. This brochure gives you some great information to help you navigate through this topic.

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Air Purifier Checklist- Download

Access your easy to use air purifier checklist with important things to consider, space to write your calculations plus extra key information you need to remember when shopping. For just $1.99, download this concise and easy to understand PDF for your next air purifier shopping trip.

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Appliance Record- Download

This document lets you easily keep track of when your household appliances were serviced and by whom. Print it out and place it on your fridge for easy access by the entire family.

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Zeolite Rocks
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Moisture and Odour Control Solutions – Download

Zeolite Rocks combines natural volcanic ash, honeycomb pores and longevity to get you fresh in musty, stagnant spaces from small nooks to rooms. This document helps you navigate where to place the rocks and dry and freshen those spaces.

Humidity & Temperature Check – Download

Ensuring that your home is dry, well-ventilated, comfortable, and balanced is crucial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. With the help of a hygrometer, which measures humidity and temperature, you can take proactive steps to make a significant difference in your indoor space, just like a professional, regardless of the season.

10 Point Checklist – Download

Here’s a checklist to highlight potential environmental health hazards or triggers in
and around your home at an essential level. If you’re new to this, I recommend you
read through to the end of the page before deciding how to manage your spaces
where you sleep, live, relax and may even work.

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