Case Studies

Case Studies
January 19, 2020

Why Buy Organic Cotton Sheets?

We asked our supplier of SleepFROG organic cotton sheets to tell us more about their products and why we should be buying materials made from organic cotton. This is a new product for us here at Mitey Fresh from our long time colleagues from across the ditch in New Zealand.…
Case StudiesFood
March 30, 2015

Food Allergy Symptoms in Adults and Children

There is an increasing trend of food allergy symptoms in adults and children in the developed world. Australia, in fact, has among the highest rate of food allergies in the developed world. As per the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, food allergy affects 10% of children up to…
Case StudiesMould
September 26, 2014

Causes and Symptoms of Mould Allergy

If you suffer from allergies all year through, or if the allergies worsen during the damp months (rainy and winter), then you may be suffering from mould sensitivities or allergy. The symptoms of mould sensitivities and allergy are similar to those of other allergies. Common mould allergy symptoms are coughing,…
Case StudiesTips
August 1, 2014

6 Tips for Cleaning Carpets Naturally

Most homes have carpeted spaces. But, whether its a carpet placed in your living room or the wall-to-wall carpet in the bedroom, carpets contain all sorts of germs and bacteria,  as well as mould, pet dander, dust, animal feces and anything else that your feet drag in, so cleaning carpets naturally…