November 14, 2011

10-Point Checklist Download

Sharing useful information is important to us here at Mitey Fresh. As we have grown, we have developed more and more useful checklists and planners to help you on your journey to a healthier home. 10-Point Checklist Download The ultimate guide to your healthy home. Join the healthy home community…
October 31, 2011

EMFs and WIFI Tips- Download

Mobile Phones are an integral part of modern telecommunications and essentially ruling our daily lives, at work, rest and lifestyle through better connectivity and intelligent services. This brochure gives you some great information to help you navigate through this topic.
October 24, 2011

Air Purifier Checklist- Download

Access your easy to use air purifier checklist with important things to consider, space to write your calculations plus extra key information you need to remember when shopping. For just $1.99, download this concise and easy to understand PDF for your next air purifier shopping trip.