Mould Assessment

Don't let mould ruin your home
... or your health

What would you do if you found a barrel of poison hidden in your closet? Panic.

Call experts to remove it.
Find out how it got there—and make sure it could never happen again. Silly question, right?
That would never happen, b
ut did you know …

There’s a silent poison lurking in thousands of homes … and it could be in yours!


Maybe you’ve already struggled with it. You’ve found some and you’ve tried to remove it—more than once.
But it keeps coming back. Or maybe you haven’t seen proof, but you worry that it’s there. You plunge into your cleaning routine time and time again … But still, there’s that musty smell. Why does it keep coming back?

Your building inspector’s report was routine. Run-of-the-mill … You had that flood once … kept the doors and windows shut when you went on holidays.

And who knows what the people before you did when they were living here?

Either way, you’ve started to notice strange symptoms. Persistent coughing. Headaches. Muscle aches. Difficulty concentrating. Brain Fog. Fatigue.

What on earth is happening?

Schedule a Mould Assessment and be sure.

We’re Mitey Fresh, healthy home experts for two decades. As building biologists, we’ve helped thousands of people find out the truth about their homes

…. and we can do the same for you.

When you schedule a Mould Assessment with us, we’ll assess your home top-to-bottom, room-by-room, to find out what’s making you and your family sick.


DIY Mould Testing

Suspect your house is making you sick? Maybe you’ve been right all along. Are you living in a ‘damp, mouldy home’ and looking to really get to the source? Maybe you are keeping to budget or ‘feet on the ground assessment’ by our team is out of reach. Have you had to postpone your indoor environmental assessment due to out of region distance travel or you’re located interstate?

"Thanks Mitey Fresh for all your help. Seriously, I gained more practical advice from you in 30 minutes than in 2 years with doctors and specialists."
Alicia P
Gold Coast

What do you get with your Assessment

You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the mould problems in your home and how to fix them … but we won’t stop there. We can also help you identify the root cause of your mould — moisture, ventilation, heating and cooling, even occupant activity — so you’ll know how to stamp it out for good.

Then we’ll give you simple, healthy strategies for the future — practical and easy-to-implement recommendations — so you can make sure you’ll always stay safe.

This isn’t just about drying your home. This is about your well being and finally, we’ll give you one more important benefit … Peace-of-mind.

Imagine living in a safe, mould-free home… and never smelling
“that smell” again.

You’d never find a barrel of poison in the closet. But you could be breathing in worse—much worse—without even realising it. Don’t delay any longer.

Schedule a Mould Assessment with Mitey Fresh today …and keep mould and moisture from ruining your home and your health.

Breathe easier… Live easier… Knowing you’re safe and dry.

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