Pre Purchase Lease Inspection

Pre Purchase Lease Inspection

Thinking about buying or renting a home but concerned about the dampness or musty dark rooms, voltage transmission lines or nearby mobile phone towers?

Schedule a pre inspection to be safe!

We’re Mitey Fresh, healthy home experts for two decades. As building biologists, we’ve helped thousands of people find out the truth about their homes

…. and we can do the same for you.

When you schedule a Pre Purchase Lease Inspection with us, we’ll assess the home top-to-bottom, room-by-room, to find out what’s could make you and your family sick.

"Thanks Mitey Fresh for all your help. Seriously, I gained more practical advice from you in 30 minutes than in 2 years with doctors and specialists."
Alicia P
Gold Coast

What do you get with your Assessment

This assessment takes up to 1 hour and includes an evaluation of external (not internal) sources of electromagnetic fields from high voltage transmission lines, power lines, tram or train lines, substations and nearby mobile phone towers that could be affecting the home.

This does not include an internal survey of electromagnetic field sources in the home

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