Are you harming your employees without even knowing it?

Like most responsible employers, you take steps to keep your workers safe. Training on dangerous procedures. Slip and fall protection. Education about workplace risks. You’ve done it all and more. But…

Is it possible… your office is making your workers sick?

If you’ve ever been stuck indoors on a beautiful day, you start to really notice your surroundings. But most of the time you take them for granted. Trouble is… that could be hazardous.

Most working-age adults spend about a third of their time at work. That’s bad enough… But what if doing that was even more unhealthy than you thought?

Have you been noticing more and more sick days? Reduced productivity? People complaining about feeling tired and run down? Lethargic?

The source of your trouble could be the very place you’re working in.

Wait… what? How? You’ve done everything you should have, right? It’s not like you’re one of these inactive, “The don’t bother me and I won’t bother them” bosses who doesn’t care about employees…

But even as you’re reading this, mould, chemicals, equipment, or air-conditioning and ventilation systems could be causing hard-to-detect air quality hazards that are affecting you and your employees.

Headaches. Runny noses and itchy eyes. Coughing and sneezing. Sore throats. Nausea. Flu-like symptoms.

Maybe you thought it was a particularly bad cold and flu season…

Or are things more serious?

Here’s the problem…


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“It was a real pleasure to do business with someone honest and reliable.
You put my faith back in people.”

Rupert D.
AusBlu Enterprises


You can’t always tell when something’s wrong.

You might think that if it’s not stuffy or you can’t smell an unpleasant odour then there’s nothing wrong with your air quality… but that’s not necessarily true.

And if you do have a problem and you leave it too late, things could get worse—much worse. Reduced profits. High turnover. Issues with OHS. And a whole lot of stress and aggravation.

But what can you do?

Don’t let invisible air quality problems harm your employees.

Just because things don’t appear to be hazardous doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. What you don’t know could be affecting you and your workforce.

Don’t delay any longer. Schedule a healthy office diagnosis with Mitey Fresh today.

Breathe easier… Work easier… Knowing you’re safe.

Schedule a healthy office diagnosis and be sure.

We’re Mitey Fresh, healthy building experts for two decades. As building biologists, we’ve helped workplaces just like yours discover the hazards in their offices— and we can do the same for you.

When you schedule a healthy office diagnosis with us, we’ll assess your entire workplace to find out what’s making your workers sick.

You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the air quality issues in your workplace and how to fix them… but we won’t stop there.

We can also help you identify the root cause of your problems, so you’ll know how to stamp them out for good, or what to say to the landlord to get action.

We’ll give you strategies for now and the future—so you can make sure it’ll never happen again. This isn’t about cleaning the air just one time. This is about making the air safe to breathe all the time.

And finally, we’ll give you one more important benefit…



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