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Are you offering all available treatments to patients and not getting the results you expected?

Like most responsible medical practitioners, you take steps to keep your patients healthy. Across new information and training in your field, education about health risks. Expert treatment solutions for all patients in your care. You’ve done it all and more. But …

Is it possible … their home or work place is making your patients sick?

If you’ve ever been stuck indoors on a beautiful day, you start to really notice your surroundings. But most of the time you take them for granted. Trouble is … that could be hazardous. Most home occupants spend about ninety percent of their time indoors. That’s bad enough … But what if doing that was even more unhealthy than anyone thought? Have you been noticing patients returning with the same symptoms? Returning over and over? Patients complaining about feeling tired and run down? Children lethargic? They just can’t seem to get on top of their symptoms? The source of their trouble could be the very place they’re living in or working at.

Wait … what? How? You’ve done everything you should have, right? It’s not like you’re one of these indifferent “Treat the symptom and not the whole picture” practitioner who’s not diligent about their patients well being …

But even as you’re reading this, mould, allergens, indoor contaminants, chemicals, heavy metals, drinking water, building water damage, ventilation systems could be causing hard-to-detect air quality hazards that are affecting patients in your care. Headaches. Runny nose and itchy eyes. Coughing and sneezing. Brain fog. Sore throats. Nausea. Unexplained illnesses.

Maybe you thought it was a particularly bad cold and flu season… Or are things more serious? Here’s the problem …

You can’t always cure when something’s wrong, you don’t have the option to be able to go into your patient’s home and see what is going on.

Your patient might mention that it’s not stuffy at home, or they can’t smell an unpleasant odour and shrug off “there’s nothing wrong with my indoor air doc!” … but that’s not necessarily true.

And if your patient’s home does have a problem and you leave it too long, things could get worse — much worse.

Neutral response to treatments. High visit turnover. Time consuming. And a whole lot of concern and agonising for you and your patient. But what can you do? Don’t let adverse health triggers interfere with your patients’ road to wellness. Just because things don’t appear to be hazardous doesn’t mean anyone is in the clear. What you don’t know could be affecting your patient. Don’t delay any longer.

Schedule an Indoor Environmental Assessment and be sure.

We’re Mitey Fresh, healthy building experts for two decades. As building biologists, we’ve helped patients just like yours and medical practitioners like you discover the hazards in their homes— and we can do the same for you.

When you schedule an indoor environmental assessment with us, we’ll assess your patient’s entire home to find out what’s making them unwell.

"It was a real pleasure to do business with someone honest and reliable.
You put my faith back in people."
Rupert D
Ausblu Enterprises

What do you get with your Assessment

You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the problems in your home and how to fix them … but we won’t stop there.

We can also help identify the root cause of the home’s adverse health triggers, so your patient will know how to stamp them out for good, or what to say to the building professionals to get action.

We’ll give your patient strategies for now and the future—so you can make sure it’ll support their health in the future. This isn’t about cleaning the air just one time. This is about making the air safe to breathe all the time.

And finally, we’ll give you one more important benefit… Peace-of-mind.

Don’t let invisible air quality problems harm your patients.

Just because things don’t appear to be hazardous doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. What you don’t know could be affecting your patient and their family.

Don’t delay any longer. Schedule an indoor environmental assessment with Mitey Fresh today.

Breathe easier… Live easier… Knowing they’re healthy.

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