Dehumidifier AusClimate NWT Medium+ 25L (<38m2 ~ 95m3)


Please allow us to choose one for you. We guarantee the specific one for your place.
The Medium+ 25L is customised to be effective in medium areas up to 95m³, the deep down drying is sensational for small to medium areas such as living, bedrooms and storage spaces requiring a high level of air dehumidification. 

Designed to meet the needs of an indoor environment’s humidity, condensation, dampness and mould load, it helps dry and balance damp, humid, musty air while boosting clean, healthy indoor environment and satisfying occupants’ instinctual needs.

Meanwhile, the blissful balance makes it ideal for those occupants who just want a dry, comfortable home.
The high moisture removal rate, durable quality enhances user experience while allowing families and occupiers the freedom to attend to their unique needs.

Want to stop condensation on windows, keep your clothes and belongings dry and mould free? Be sure to wheel unit from room to room and introduce an air purifier unit.
Add to drying air in wardrobes and small storage areas by including Zeolite Big Bag of Rocks if you have no power outlet and top with Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifier for spaces with power outlet.

Effective in medium areas up to 38m2 or 95m3 yet suitable for smaller areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, or storage spaces requiring a high level of air dehumidification. The Dehumidifier NWT Medium 25L offers an unmatched level of air dehumidification with the full electronic controls with LCD display ~ room temperature / humidity / 12 hour timer ~variable humidity settings including medium 3.5L water tank, auto restart after power failure, full water tank auto shut-off and dual fan speed for applications requiring humidity and dampness removal and drying.  The 25L is the perfect choice for removing moisture, dampness, condensation and stop both both mould spores and mycotoxins from the air in your home or office. Please note: Due to high demand from flood areas requiring these systems, there is currently a 1 week dispatch lead time. 


  • The only Dehumidifier that is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program®
  • High moisture extraction quickly reduces ambient humidity, dampness and condensation
  • Medium 4L water tank with full water tank auto shut-off
  • Removes 20 litres of moisture per day (30˚C @ 80% RH)
  • Quiet noise level 39dBA and sustainable power input 420W
  • Using voltage / frequency 220 – 240 V / 50HZ
  • Portability, easily moved from room to room on wheels
  • 100% CFC free. AusClimate dehumidifiers do not produce any harmful CFC.
  • Continuous drainage feature (drainage hose optional) and operates as an economical clothes dryer

System specifications

Model WDH-1920EA
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V, 50HZ
Power Input 390W
Noise Level 40dBA
Refrigerant R290 (environmentally friendly)
SAA Approval Certificate No. SAA-210779-EA
Moisture Removal 25 litres/day (30°C @ 80% RH)
Recommended Max. Area* 38m², or 95m³
Water Tank Capacity 4 litres
Compressor Rotary
Dimensions (w x h x d) 32.8cm x 51.6cm x 21.9cm
Weight 12.6 kg
Power Control Electronic / Easy Soft-Touch
Running Temperature 5-32˚C
Certifications & Awards
National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Approval
QEC Global (Australian Electrical Safety Compliance)
Awards Product Review 2022 Dehumidifier Award Winner
Warranty Information
Warranty (domestic) 2 years
*4 m² minimum room-size


Dehumidifier Range Comparison Chart

Download this document to compare the different ranges of dehumidifiers and select the best one to suit you and your needs! 

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 52 cm


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