InovaAir Air Clean E20/DE20/V20/DV20 ~ Pre-Filter Replacement


For use in the following models:

  • E20
  • DE20
  • V20
  • DV20

The high efficiency Pre-Filter collects large and fine dust at the initial stage of filtration before passing the air on to the second stage filter resulting in extended HEPA filter life.

Provides the highest level of filtration available, the electrostatically charged first stage Technostat® pre-filter is designed to remove ambient fine dust particles and up to 99% of bacteria & viruses from the air. The  pre-filter in InovaAir purifiers also serves to extend the life of the main HEPA filter up to 5 years.**

So what is Technostat®?
  • a tribo-electret media that has unique charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub-micron particle sizes.
  • filters have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements
  • proven to be highly efficient in terms of protection against Viruses and Bacteria.*
  • used in many medical applications which demand some of the highest levels of filtration since they are often used in life-support and human ventilation machines.*
  • a trademark of Hollingsworth & Vose.

BFE Efficiency > 99.9992%
VFE Efficiency > 99.9970%
Filter Longevity: Up to 6 months continuous use**

*Tested in accordance to Spec MIL-M-36954C By Nelson Labs 

For use in the following models:

** Filter life will vary depending on dust & chemical concentrations present. As operating conditions vary based on levels of dust, chemicals & odours present, and system proximity to major pollution sources. InovaAir does not warranty consumable filter life.


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