Here’s the inclusions in this ‘HEALTHY HOME MAKEOVER’ Zoom

1. Zoom 60 Min Call With Carol & Her Solutions Manager, Tony Parr

Carol & her solutions manager will have a Zoom Call with you, so they can understand your home & family etc.

The idea of this Zoom Call is to give Carol & her solutions manager a comprehensive understanding of your home and indoor environment.

Don’t be surprised if numerous “building biology-solution ideas” come thick ‘n fast in this discussion!

2. A Customized Mitey Fresh “Healthy Home” Action Items List

Straight after your Zoom Call with Carol and Tony, Carol crafts a “Healthy Home Action Items List” for your home.

Trust us …. she’ll get straight to the point … no long report with lots of overwhelm & “formal-speak”.

Carol will create a “bullet-point checklist of action items” that are based around one thing … breathing easier, living easier!

No rambling babble that simply fills pages – but rather, keen observations of what you’ve been doing … & short, sharp, “meaningful” suggestions of balanced, safe tactics to improve indoor air quality & you & your family’s health.

You get this “Mitey Fresh Healthy Home Action Items List” within 10 business days of your Zoom Call.

3. Second 60 Min Zoom Call – Action Items Discussion

Upon delivery of the “Mitey Fresh Healthy Home Action Items List,” enjoy another 60 min Zoom Healthy Home Building Biology Call with Carol and Tony.

This get-together is to discuss the ideas & suggestions in the Action Items List – so that everything is clear.

This Zoom Meeting also allows you to ask any questions about suggested balanced, safe tactics.

It’s a valuable get-together because it should help you fine-tune the suggested strategies “on-the-spot”.

And you can start thinking about a timeline for your “fresh, healthy home plan” moving forward!






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