Is Clutter Slowly Choking Your Health and Environment?

Closed up rooms without good ventilation are breeding grounds for health problems. Yet there is one step worse than that, namely closed up rooms without good ventilation AND heaps of clutter, the opposite of minimalism!

We’ve asked Helen to share with our readers her experience with her client Hilda, requiring supportive feedback and information, whilst decluttering and down sizing. Hope you can learn a thing or two from these quality indoor air experts.

Hilda had lived in her house for over 50 years and it was time to move on. The garage had been closed up for years, since her husband had passed away. It was jam packed with his tools and bits and bobs, all gathering loads of dust, and smelt of spilt turps. We threw open the garage door to enable us to breathe a little easier to do the job and finally after some culling and moving stuff, we managed to open another window for air flow. There was a vibrancy about Hilda at the end of that day, knowing the job was finally done that could have been done so long ago. She had a confidence in knowing what was left was in reasonable condition and useful to her in the future. Her mind was clearer too, with more space around her.

Then Hilda showed me the other room she wanted help with. Oh my goodness! As soon as she opened the door, an incredibly strong flow of mouldy air met us. What I remember most was the wall to wall shelving stacked high with bolts of material and household items like lampshades from another era, old cupboards jam packed with old papers…. We couldn’t reach the other side of the room but it was obvious there were water marks on the far wall which connected to an outside wall down under a verandah. Water had evidently leaked in to the room over the years and created the mountains of mould


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I immediately thought this is a “no-go zone.” Carol at Mitey Fresh advised Hilda to get the mould remediators in to deal with the problem at hand. You see, if we didn’t deal with the mould here and now, those particular items (like the bolts of material) would get moved on to the next house with Hilda and impact her health there, and those around her – her daughter and grand daughter. Not healthy at all! Air flow was non-existent, so the room was really unhealthy, along with everything in it.

What would it have been like had Hilda used those materials for example, years ago, or given them away to others to enjoy? She would not have this serious challenge in her midst to deal with, her health would not have been impacted (and she had heaps of health problems – breathing difficulties to start with) Hello!


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Having rooms that are decluttered and more minimalistic, it’s easier to see water issues that may develop. There’s nothing hidden.

So, decluttering towards minimalism can actually help with creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good air flow that enhances good health, rather than create a toxic environment. Fresh is best.

Happy decluttering!

About Helen Maguire and Clarity Matters

The decluttering process is so much more than just clearing out spaces in homes and offices. Where people have a struggle with letting go, for whatever reasons associated with their life experience, stepping in and clearing out for them can be extremely traumatic. Invariably, in these situations, the clutter will end up returning in a short period of time.

Helen Maguire at Clarity Matters has a nursing background and a big caring heart that she brings to her clients. She has walked her own challenging life journey and has extensive knowledge of the way people function according to their backgrounds and circumstances.
Caring for her clients is number one. She works with people to sort through their possessions at the rate they feel comfortable with, taking into account their individual situation, treating them with dignity and respect along the journey.

Helen brings along her lovely home made slice and a box of tissues, so come on in, visit for more information.  Mitey Fresh would like to thank Helen for writing this blog post for our website. I’ve observed Helen’s thoughtful, caring yet consistent manner when we needed guidance in our home and office. I’ve heard Helen’s many stories of success, teary at first, lots of challenges in the middle, yet very happy outcomes. Carol xxx

Editor’s Note About Guest Blog Content

This content was supplied by ‘Clarity Matters’ and produced by Mitey Fresh Australia. Our blog posts are in no way influenced. In fact, we only reach out and work with businesses we trust and recommend. The goal of guest blog content on Mitey Fresh is, first and foremost, to be benficial.


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