Dust Mite Mattress Protector Mite-Guard

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We spend nearly one third of our day in bed! Reduce your exposure to house dust mites and their allergens with dust mite covers. Create a barrier betweeen you and the dust mite allergens by enclosing the entire mattress, the entire pillow and the entire doona. Provides asthma and allergy relief by stopping the continual night time exposure to dust mite allergens while you sleep. Order Now.


Mite-Guard is manufactured from a soft, air permeable dust filter fabric, with a sturdy full length zip, specifically developed as a barrier against dust mite allergens. Daily protection, machine washable, lightweight, breathable. Tested and Proven effective.


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1 review for Dust Mite Mattress Protector Mite-Guard

  1. Melissa Boote

    This is a great product. I have a very severe allergy to dust mites, after I got the test results the first change I made was to order a new mattress and also this fully encased dust mite mattress protector. I don’t wake up with swollen itchy eyes anymore and feel so much more rested. I think it has been at least four years and it still looks new after many washes. I kept it on our mattress during three interstate moves and it doesn’t look worn out. Very happy and would recommend to others.

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