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We spend nearly one third of our day in bed! Reduce your exposure to house dust mites and their allergens with silk doonas. Dust mites will NEVER live in silk! Provides asthma and allergy relief by stopping the continual night time exposure to dust mite allergens while you sleep. Order Now.


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Dream Silks is manufactured from 100% luxurious long strand silk filled bedding in a soft, 100% natural cotton cover. Silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mould and is completely non-allergenic. Daily protection, machine washable, lightweight, breathable, warm and luxurious.

Special Features

Recommended for dust mite sensitive, asthma, eczema and chronic rhinitis sufferers.

As well as for those who are synomynous with excellence, opulence, durability and mystery.

Resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mould and mildew.

Made from 100% natural, AAA luxurious long strand silk encased in a cotton cover, 100% natural, mercerized with a 233 thread count.

Nature’s optimal fibre, as warm as down and cotton, that drapes and caresses your body while you sleep.

Light weight, half the weight of most doonas for the same amount of warmth, providing freedom and comfort with ease.

Breathable, allowing body generated heat and moisture vapour to pass through, providing exceptional comfort for either warm or cool sleepers.

No movement, bunching up or matting of silk contents. No lumps or bumps so your bed will always <have that clean, tailored look!

Long lasting product as silk is nature’s strongest fibre (tensile strength greater than steel).

Non-allergenic- no dyes, no chemicals, no bleaches.

Washable – best in a front loader (preventing wear and tear) in cold water with a mild washing liquid. Dry by hanging away from direct sunlight (preventing UV rays and heat damaging the silk).

5 year manufacturer’s Guarantee.

Manufactured in China.

Tech Specs

Filling: Highest quality, 100% natural AAA long strand silk. The silk fibres are removed from the cocoon in continuous strands (up to 1500 feet long). The silk is stretched the full length and is sewn in quilting fashion out to the edge of the item so as to prevent movement, bunching up and matting.

Outer encasing fabric: 100% cotton, mercerized with a 233 thread count.

Fabric treatment: Cleaned, unprocessed. Untreated, unbleached, undyed

Colour: White

Approved: Dust mites do not like silk becasue it is the excretion of the silk worm. No bug will live in another bug’s excretion!


If it should need washing, Dream Silks doonas are washable using cold water in a large front loader or in the bath tub to avoid wear and tear.

Use a very mild liquid wash.

Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or indoors to avoid damage from UV rays and heat.

The silk will dry very quickly.

If you need to use a dryer, select either air fluff or cold air cycle.

Click here to view the Certificate of Origin for Dream Silks.


Cot (89 cm x 107 cm) 0.5 kg

Single (140 cm x 210 cm) 1.5 kg

Double (180 cm x 210 cm) 2.0 kg

Queen (210 cm x 210 cm) 2.3 kg

King (240 cm x 210 cm) 2.7 kg

Super King (274 cm x 228 cm) 3.3 kg


3 reviews for Silk Doona Dream

  1. L. Anderson

    I have a 2 year old son who suffers from multiple allergies. He has a rare skin condition and can only wear silk or 100% cotton. He has trouble breathing due to the allergies in the air and in our house. I purchased a Dream Silks duvet for him. I was astonished with the outcome. Not only has my son’s breathing improved, his sores and itchiness has reduced significantly and he now sleeps throughout the night. I then purchased duvets for the rest of the family. I used to wake with a stuffy nose, and within the first night’s sleep, I woke up clear as a bell.

  2. P. Lynch

    Nothing compares to putting the duvet on the bed, and using it. For the first time in months, I am not throwing the covers off and on. The duvet seems to know what temperature is perfect for me. The (Dream) silk duvets are light and very comfortable – I feel like I am sleeping at the Hilton again.

  3. Rob

    The doona is great

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