Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

If you have difficulty in breathing, itchy watery eyes, nose and skin, or can’t stop coughing when cleaning with chemicals or normal dusting, you may be allergic to dust particles, pollen and house dust mites, triggering dust mites allergy.

Throw out your old dusters and get rid of the toxic chemical cleaners and enjoy Micro Fibre cloths. They will bring you simplicity and joy as well as dust mite control in your home and work place. Environmentally safe cleaning products that will trap, clean and prevent air borne particles and fumes.

Innovative cloths that clean like magic!

  • No soap, no chemicals
  • Quick, effortless
  • Soft, absorbent, hypo-allergenic
  • Protect your family from asthma and allergies every time you clean.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning

Micro Fibre Cloth Set contains colour coded cloths versatile for dusting, bathroom and kitchen, windows and mirrors, polishing.

  • Attracts dust like a magnet
  • Super soft fibres lift and capture dirt
  • Non linting for streak free brilliance
  • Cleans glass, mirrors and chrome
  • Cleans furniture, porcelain and personal computers

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