Have a Healthy Home You Can Be Proud Of

Most of us focus on good home cleanliness, yet tend to overlook more potential health hazards in and around the home.

The average home contains aerosols, paints, polish, continue reading more here. Check with your local council regarding chemical “nasties “collection days.

Carpets, paint, cabinetry, decking, floorboards and even furniture all contain toxic compounds as well as dyes and additives known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), adding to potential health risks.

So why not use the good old fashioned paint for the job?
Conventional paints and primers are petrochemical based and use fossil fuels as their basic ingredient – oil, natural gas, coal, benzene, xylene, propane, butane, parrafins, tolulene and styrene.

Environmentally these produce greenhouse gases, toxic waste and air pollutants.

Yet in the home, the volatile organic compounds slowly escape into the room, a process called out gassing, reducing indoor air quality and contributing to potential health problems.

When airborne, VOC’s enter the bloodstream either inhaled via the lungs or absorbed via the skin directly. Liquid VOC’s such as finishes and adhesives are absorbed quicker than solid VOC’s.

If you are away all day and the house has been closed up, ensure you open the place up and let the fresh air in. Allowing good ventilation through your home and office allows the VOC’s to secape and provide a safer, healthier and more comfortable space.

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